Common Fallacies About Surgical Loupes And The Truth Behind Them Part 3

We have already discussed 4 fallacies about surgical loupes in our first 2 posts. As a recap, we have mentioned the following fallacies and have as well unveiled the truth about them.
•All surgical loupes are the same
•Surgical loupes are for old surgeons only
•Expensive surgical loupes brands are always the best
•Surgical loupes are bad for the eyes
In this final stage of the three-part blog series, we are going to tackle on fallacies such as:
•Loupes can cause a headache and dizziness
•Surgical magnification loupes are just a useless expense

Surgical Loupes

Fallacy #5: Loupes can cause a headache and dizziness

Aside from the four mentioned fallacies, surgeons also believe that using loupes can cause dizziness and headache. In order to avoid these negative effects of using surgical optical loupes, surgeons refuse to wear a pair even just for a try.

What's true #5: Headache and dizziness are a normal part of the learning curve

Most of the first time loupes users usually experience dizziness and headache. While this may be true at first few hours or days of loupes usage, these feelings will eventually go away as soon as your eyes get used to working with magnified images. It is important for surgeons to understand that these feelings are just a normal part of the learning curve. The eyes need time to get accustomed to the image they see. And this scenario is common only among first-time users who are yet to learn how to use the loupes and those who have been using surgical loupes but are switching to higher magnification power.

Dental Equipments

Fallacy #6: Surgical magnification loupes are just a useless expense

Surgical loupes are one of the most expensive personal precision instruments that surgeons use during surgical operations. Despite the known benefits they provide, many surgeons still believe that a pair of surgical loupes is just a waste of money.

What's true #6: Surgical magnification loupes are a good investment

You want to lengthen your dental career, right? I bet you also want to improve your productivity and precision, to enhance the quality of your work, and to protect yourself against occupational illnesses. If so, then you have to invest in something that will allow you to achieve all these goals and more. And one of the so-called "good investment" is the surgical loupe.

Surgical Magnifying Loupes

Surgical magnifying loupes offer a lot of benefits to the user. There's no secret to that. One of the many benefits that this precision instrument offer is ergonomic benefits. Using loupes help reduce your risks to eye strain, eye fatigue, and musculoskeletal pain such as a backache, shoulder stress, and neck fatigue. Needless to say, it helps you get rid of occupational illnesses that are common among surgeons who are not using the right ergonomically design optical aid.


So, that's the top 6 most common fallacies about surgical magnification loupes. The decision as to whether you will believe these fallacies or not will somewhat depend on your own personal experience. In order for you to prove these fallacies wrong, you must first try to choose, purchase and use not just any type of surgical loupe but the one that perfectly fits your needs and personal preferences because you will only reap the many benefits it provides if you pick the right one.


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