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Loupe Frames

Best Dental Loupes Frames from Schultz Loupes

You get to pick a handful of loupe frames in different colors, different styles and also get the opportunity to customize as per your requirement, use them year after year without having to undergo any wear and tear. The products guarantee aesthetic requirements and specific designs with quality titanium frames for an ideal selection. If your loupes don’t fit you, your work will go on adding tolls even if you are extensively good at it.

Besides having the correct prescription for your glasses, dental loupes frames are an important consideration. Remember the prescription placement location varies according to the loupe frames. Prescriptions are either fitted on the optical barrels or the dental loupe frame or both. So be very careful while you pick out the frame for your dental loupe.

Some of the best features of dental loupe frames available at Loupedirect include reinforced plastic with titanium arms, wrap-around design for best protection, adjustable angle of declination, polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance, soft silicone nose pad for ultimate comfort, along with bendable arms of the frames to ensure secure fitting. The frames are available in a multitude of colors including white, black, grey, and red. If you prefer hinged arms for secure fitting, you can get customized frames delivered to your doorstep. The loupe frames are super lightweight and have offer reliance throughout the day.

Loupe Frames

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