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Dental Loupes & Headlights By Schultz

Orange Dental Loupe

Dental Surgical Loupes

2.5x -- 5.5x Mag

No dental task is complete without a pair of our dental surgical loupes. Crafted with lightweight material and medical Grade HD optics, you’ll be unstoppable with this eyewear.

A Dental Loupe with Wireless Headlight

Dental Surgical Led Headlight

Super Light Weight

Our led headlights are more than just a comfortable and lightweight product. They provide the portability and functionality you need to get through each dental task.

High-Power Headlight

Dental Loupes With Light

Save $100-$200

Opt for perfect clarity and luminosity by purchasing our loupes and headlight combo. This duo eyewear features the practicality you need in order to function efficiently and effectively every day.

Loupes and Headlights Solutions Used By

Beaumont Hospitals
The Cenntenial Campaign For UCLA
Wake Forest University
70000 LUX Pure White LED Headlight

Wireless Dental
Surgical Headlight

  • Super light at merely 0.8 oz  
  • Amazingly bright with 55,000 Lux
  • 3 Batteries with 10 hour running time
  • Compatible with most loupe brands 
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Excel in the dental world with our superior and innovative optic technology.

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Feel empowered in the line of defense against poor dental health with our dental hygienists loupes.

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Dental students benefit from our 10% student discount promotion, as well as seasonal sales.

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Utmost comfort, lightweight material, and high-quality precision loupes and headlights to ensure every surgical operation is a success.

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Dental Loupes For Everyone

At Schultz Loupes, we have an assortment of dental surgical loupes and headlights that are suitable for the need of each and every dentist, dental hygienist, and surgeon around the world.

Our mission is to provide top quality and affordable surgical and dental Loupes that will make your workday brighter and easier.

We’re also health conscious company; reducing eyestrain and other work-related injuries is the driving force behind our innovative products.

By investing in a pair of our finest magnification surgical and dental loupes, you’re:

  • Enhancing the view of your instruments
  • Getting a better visualization of the oral cavity
  • Increasing your patient’s confidence and satisfaction.

Schultz has the perfect pair of surgical and dental loupes for your dentistry needs. Ask us how you can get your pair today!

We promise you all this

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