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Dental Hygienist Loupes and Hygienist Headlights

What you do is important to your patient's long term health. You are not a miracle worker but you can make a difference if you have the right tools. Ask yourself

what is the one thing you hate about the hygienist loupes you use.

It is the weight. You spend all day wearing them. By the time you leave the office your neck is killing you.

Our hygienist loupes are the absolute lightest on the market. We have spent a lot of research and market time on cutting weight for our loupe systems so you can work in all day comfort. Give our dental loupes a try,they will be the lightest you can find.

Before Using Hygiene Loupes After Using Hygiene Loupes

All our Hygienists loupes feature:

  • Medical Grade HD Optics
  • Light Weight and Comfortable Fit
  • ANSI Certified, Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Sporty or Titanium Frame
  • Life Time Quality Warranty

Hygienists News

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    Whether you are a student looking for your first pair of loupes or a practicing dental hygienist planning to buy a new pair of magnification loupes to improve your posture and vision, we have got you covered. Below are some of our amazing collections of hygienist loupes that are not merely high quality but are very affordable as well.

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    There are many ways your body can get exhausted and strained at the end of each working day in dentistry. Wearing heavy loupes for hours, working with poor posture, prolonged sustained grip, vibration, using uncomfortable seats, and poor illumination are just among the few things that can cause you pain. But dental practice should be painful. With the simple tweaks and tricks we have listed below, you can be able to enjoy a pain-free dental practice and at the same time lower your risks to work-related injuries which can result in premature retirement.

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