Hygienist Loupes and Hygienist Headlights

What you do is important to your patient's long term health. You are not a miracle worker but you can make a difference if you have the right tools. Ask yourself

what is the one thing you hate about the hygienist loupes you use.

It is the weight. You spend all day wearing them. By the time you leave the office your neck is killing you.

Our hygienist loupes are the absolute lightest on the market. We have spent a lot of research and market time on cutting weight for our loupe systems so you can work in all day comfort. Give our dental loupes a try,they will be the lightest you can find.

Before Using Hygiene Loupes After Using Hygiene Loupes

All our Hygienists loupes feature:

  • Medical Grade HD Optics
  • Light Weight and Comfortable Fit
  • ANSI Certified, Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Sporty or Titanium Frame
  • Life Time Quality Warranty

Hygienists News

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    Dental loupes are not only intended for surgeons and dentists, but also for hygienists. Although wearing dental optical loupes is not yet common among hygienists, some have already tried using them and have proven the value and advantages they provide to every dental procedure that hygienists perform.

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    The right amount, quality, and stability of illumination are critical to every dental procedure regardless of its complexity. Just like other dental professionals, as a hygienist, you also need to use the right type of dental headlights to ensure that the oral cavity of your patients gets enough illumination.

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    Dental loupes are actually not only designed for dentists and surgeons. Even hygienists and other dental practitioners can benefit from using them. Among the benefits that hygienists can get from using dental loupes are improved productivity, better patient care, and career longevity.