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Benefit of Dental Medical Surgical Loupes

Work related injury is one of the major concerns for doctors, dentists and dental hygienists. Extended hours of awkward sitting posture and eye strain can seriously impact your health. Long term consequences may include soft tissue damage to muscles, joints, and ligaments; which could result in painful suffering and possibly impact your career.

How can you prevent injury? According to numerous scientific studies as well as many testimonials from doctors, dentists, dental hygienists and physiotherapists, magnification loupes are the answer.

  • Enhanced view of your instruments
  • Better visualization of the oral cavity
  • Increased patient confidence and satisfaction

Benefit of Dental Medical Surgical LoupesBenefit of Dental Medical Surgical Loupes

Magnification loupes are becoming a standard of care for dentists and dental hygienists around the world. Many dental and dental hygiene schools are also incorporating loupes into their curriculum by mandating their use to ensure that proper ergonomic and clinical techniques are developed at the outset of your career.

Wether you are looking for ways to reduce practice related injury or to improve your patient standard of care, start with a pair of Schultz loupes today!