How magnification worked its magic in the Dental Industry?

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Earlier, workplace safety was very rarely mentioned. This changed as more dental health workers were facing health issues and were even forced into premature retirement. This was the biggest concern and people were trying to come up with solutions that can prevent such injuries and safeguard the dental health workers. Clinicians were trying to find some ergonomic solutions to prevent injuries and resolve daily pains and aches in different portions of the body.

Dental hygienists started to purchase equipment that can protect their bodies as well as their careers. This is when dental loupes came into existence and it worked like magic in the dental industry. A huge number of clinicians and dental health workers started purchasing loupes as it helped them to maintain a proper body posture. This eventually reduced body aches and pains to a huge extent.

The power of an appropriate body posture

For workplace safety, the first thing to keep in mind is to maintain a proper body posture. It is nearly impossible to maintain a proper body posture while viewing the oral cavity without the use of appropriate magnification. In the dental industry, magnification is considered to be the most important thing in order to provide efficient treatment.

People who have been using dental loupes and tested their magnification would never consider working without them. There are the best dental loupes for hygienists available in the market to help them in maintaining a healthy body posture and also enhance visual activity. Now, magnification loupes have also been made compulsory in several schools and they are also highly recommended in various dental hygiene programs.

The common reasons behind clinicians not using magnification loupes are cost, patient acceptance issues, the weight of the loupes, practicing at multiple locations, and a common perception that loupes are only for people who have vision issues. Once a clinician wears it, he/she is immediately able to experience the difference and also understand its benefits.

Advancement in magnification optic options

Earlier, there were very few options when it comes to selecting a magnification device. Now, the time has completely changed. You can now purchase loupes with a huge variety of options to choose from. Some of the popular options come with stylish frames, high-quality safety glasses, lightweight frames, and also headband style.

You can choose from entry-level loupes to high-quality ones. Usually, dentists go with the best surgical loupes to provide extra comfort to their eyes and also maintain an ergonomic body posture. As per statistics, it has been found that approximately 92% of clinicians prefer going with through-the-lens (TTL) magnification loupes. The reason behind its extensive use is because TTL loupes are designed to match the visual needs and measurements of every clinician.

On the other hand, some clinicians make use of headband-mounted or flip-up loupes. The oculars of these loupes are attached with a small hinge so that you can move them away while making notes or talking with a patient. A hybrid design has been made where the TTL loupes are built into a flip-up carrier to provide the clinicians with the benefits of both technologies.

Magnification nuts and bolts

When it comes to loupes, optical resolution is considered to be the most crucial factor. The image that is visible through the loupes should be crystal-clear from one edge to the other. If you go with high-quality loupes, the result is outstanding because of the use of glass optics. As the quality of the glass increases, the clarity of resolution also increases. This would make it pretty easy to view small structures while treating a patient.

You should not go with plastic optics even if they are less expensive because they offer very low-quality vision activity. Usually, clinicians begin with a medium-powered dental loupe and gradually transform to a high-powered one. With the help of a medium strength magnification loupe, you can view the entire oral cavity. On the other hand, a high-strength magnification loupe will provide a clear and detailed view of smaller regions.

Magnification loupes have to be of precise measurements to fit the user. Every clinician has different needs, and this is the reason why you should always go with custom-made magnification loupes. Your facial geometry will play a major role if you are out there purchasing a dental loupe.

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Transitioning into Magnification

Learning to wear the best dental loupes daily will take some time. The key here is to make up every clinician’s mind that wearing loupes is important while treating a patient. It might take up a few days of yours but the most important thing is that you should never get frustrated while using loupes. It will feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but you will get acquainted with it after a while.

In the initial stages, you should wear loupes for shorter periods to avoid too much pressure on your eyes even though they are used for reducing eye fatigue. Once you are getting familiar and acquainted with the magnification technology, then you can start lengthening the wearing periods. If you are not able to get comfortable with the loupes, you should try contacting a sales representative to find out if you need to make some changes to your loupes.

Some of the clinicians worry about the patient’s reaction when they see you in magnification loupes. But now it has become pretty common for clinicians to wear dental loupes. Patients are getting habituated with their dental hygienists wearing loupes so there is no need to think in this direction. Patients are able to understand that loupes are useful for the clinicians to enhance visual activity and provide better treatment to them.

Final Words

With the advent of dental loupes, there has been a huge improvement in the lives of dental health workers. There are reduced cases of issues like body aches, vision impairment, and much more. This is the reason why more clinicians and dental hygienists are moving towards purchasing dental loupes and using them during treatments.


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