Dental Loupes Sporty Flip-Up 3.0x Dental Loupes Sporty Flip-Up 3.0x Dental Loupes Sporty Flip-Up 3.0x Dental Loupes Sporty Flip-Up 3.0x Dental Loupes Sporty Flip-Up 3.0x Dental Loupes Sporty Flip-Up 3.0x

Dental Loupes Sporty Flip-Up 3.0x

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Quick Overview

Recommended for those need more power.

3.0x is designed for persons that need more magnification. If you are an experienced user of loupes and feel more power is needed, this model is for you.

Product features:

  • Medical Grade HD Optics
  • Light Weight and Comfortable Fit
  • ANSI Certified, Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Sporty or Titanium Frame
  • Life Time Quality Warranty

what is working distance?
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Date of Review:(6/15/2017)


Whole nine yards

    Good price and decent product. Thanks


    Date of Review:(6/15/2017)



      My coworker told me about this sited and these loupes. I am glad I listened. I would recommend to others.

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

      At Schultz Loupes, we guarantee the quality of our loupes and headlights. If you are not happy with your product, simply contact us for a refund or an exchange.

      We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee which allows customers to make an equal exchange or return with no questions asked.

      Life Time Warranty 

      At Schultz Loupes, We are so confident with our product that we are willing to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our products so you will have peace of mind when you make your purchase decision.

      The Lifetime Warranty applies to all working parts of the hinge mechanism, optics, and barrels。 

      How to measure working distance

      Selecting the optimum working distance will ensure that you maintain the correct ergonomic posture and focal distance. We offer a choice of four working distances.

      To calculate your specific working distance, measure the distance between your eyes and the patients teeth while maintaining an ergonomic position.

      Working Measurment Distance   Before Using Hygiene Loupes    After Using Hygiene Loupes

      How to measure PD (Pupil Distance)

      Your pupillary distance, or PD, is the distance between the centers of your pupils in millimeters (mm). This measurement is necessary to ensure the correct positioning of the TTL loupes.
      Because loupes are only used to view close objects, the PD you need for Loupes is called Near PD. Near PD is normally 2-3mm smaller than your regular PD. Make sure your optician is aware of this when you request your PD.
      You have several ways to obtain Pupilary Distance, but we strongly recommend having your PD measured by a professional:

      • ● If you purchased glasses before, contact the store you bought the glasses from and ask them for NEAR PD
      • ● Go to a local eyewear store or optometrist office and get your NEAR PD measured. Most will only charge approximately $5 for measuringyour NEAR PD. 
      • ● Contact your optometrist for your NEAR PD

      What is Puipillary Distance

      What is Pd?

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