Dental Headlights and Surgical Headlights

Struggling to get enough light in just the right spot? What if you could take the dental surgical headlight with you from station to station without having to spend time adjusting its position? Our loupe headlight is the perfect solution for that.

Our dental and surgical headlights will attach directly to any loupes

, headband or safety glasses, and give you the light source you need to work more efficiently as you move from patient to patient. It's one less thing for you to worry about!

All our headlights feature:

  • True white color delivers ultra brightness
  • Superior light uniformity without any shadow
  • Lithium polymer technology delivers up to 17 hour usage
  • Weighs as little as 0.15 oz and fit on any loupes or glasses
  •  Curing filter, battery and charger are included free of charge

Dental Surgical Headlights News

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  • Minimizing Physical And Health Risks With Ergonomically Designed Dental Loupes And Headlights

    Is it possible to minimize the long-term negative impact of dental practice to dentists? Working long hours, striving to focus on small and intricate details of the teeth, trying to get in control of your eye-hand coordination, forcing your eyes to see clearly despite the challenging and shaded working environment (which is the oral cavity), and staying in an unnatural and unhealthy bending position for extended periods of time are never easy. Thankfully, there are ergonomically designed dental devices and tools like the dental loupes and dental headlights that can help minimize health and physical risks.

  • Primary Features Of Schultz Surgical Headlights That Surgeons Like

    With the almost countless number of illumination systems available in the market today, more and more surgeons prefer Schultz surgical headlights. At Schultz, we put the needs of the end users on top of our priorities when designing and creating our own surgical illumination systems. That is why we have come up with a design that perfectly fits the needs of every surgeon. Here are a few points why we consider our own portable surgical headlights the best choice for surgeons.

  • Why Should Every Dentist Use Dental Headlights?

    When performing tasks that entail working with very tiny objects, using just the right type of dental loupes and an overhead lamp is not enough to achieve the precision required for such procedure. You need a specialized source of light like the dental headlight to achieve the right amount, quality, and consistency of light required for the dental procedures or operations.

  • Latest Persistence Market Research Report For Surgical Loupes, Headlights, And Camera Market

    What is the latest update in the surgical industry? Today we are going to see what is the latest update in the surgical loupes, surgical headlights, and surgical camera market industry based on Persistence Market Research's most up to date market report entitled "Surgical Loupes and Camera Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2014-2024)".


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