Surgical Loupes

Schultz offers high quality surgical loupes for surgeons.

As a surgeon, you need dependable quality. Your work is your patient's life. Make sure they can trust the surgical loupes you use. Our surgical loupes have the highest quality optics, with the lightest weight you can find.
All of our surgical loupe systems come with a full warranty because we are confident that our loupes are quality pieces. Our quality control and light weight components make us the industry leader. Let us prove to you that we are the best.

All our surgical loupes feature:

  • Medical Grade HD Optics
  • Light Weight and Comfortable Fit
  • ANSI Certified, Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Sporty or Titanium Frame
  • Life Time Quality Warranty

Surgeons News

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  • 5 Advantages That Surgical Loupes Offer To Surgeons

    Surgical loupes are among the essential tools surgeons have to use whenever performing surgical procedures most especially in the field of microsurgery. Let us take a look at some of the primary benefits that these helpful and useful magnification optical aids offer to surgeons.

  • 5 Primary Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Surgical Loupes

    One of the most helpful tools that dentists and medical doctors use to perform their task well is the surgical loupe. It is a magnification device that helps dentists and medical doctors see small things clearly and easily when performing surgical operations and when doing a physical examination that involves tiny objects.

  • Why Dental Loupes Make It Easier For Dentists To Perform Their Work

    Aside from the fact that focusing your sight on small objects and at the same time bending forward in unnatural positions for longer periods of time can cause eye strain, it can likewise lead to other health related problems in the long run like back pain, neck fatigue, and poor posture. Here are a few reasons why using dental loupes make it easier for dentists to perform their tasks better.

  • Dental Equipment: Uses and Importance of Loupes

    Medical loupes are among the most important dental equipment used by dentists. These portable magnifying devices allow them to have a larger and better view of their working area. The dental loupes also enable dentists to perform dental procedures more accurately and to maintain a healthy posture while working.