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Dentists News

  • How magnification worked its magic in the Dental Industry?

    Earlier, workplace safety was very rarely mentioned. This changed as more dental health workers were facing health issues and were even forced into premature retirement. This was the biggest concern and people were trying to come up with solutions that can prevent such injuries and safeguard the dental health workers. Clinicians were trying to find some ergonomic solutions to prevent injuries and resolve daily pains and aches in different portions of the body.

  • Dental Loupes: New Survey by Schultz Loupes

    Dental Loupes have been the biggest innovation in the field of dentistry. These devices have turned out to be pretty helpful to dentists while performing dental treatments. It is not known how many dental hygienists are actually wearing dental loupes, and what has been their experience with respect to dental loupes. So, here we are with a new survey to answer some of the most common questions regarding dental loupes.

  • What is the role of Modern Dental Loupes in the World of Dentistry?

    In every medical profession, there is a requirement of different diagnostic tools that could help out the physicians to carry out any treatment, find the exact location of the problem, and come up with the best plan to treat the disease. Several research projects are continued to come up with effective tools, devices, and methods that could help out in performing the treatments. In the field of dentistry, the dental loupe is one such useful device.