Common Fallacies About Surgical Loupes And The Truth Behind Them Part 2

The other day we talked about the first two fallacies about surgical loupes that many surgeons and doctors from around the world still believe even up to this modern days. Today, we are going to continue with the rest of the fallacies and unlock the truth about them.

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Fallacy #3: Expensive surgical loupes brands are always the best 

Many people believe that the more expensive the product and the more known the brand is, the higher the quality of such product will be. This is true not only in terms of surgical loupes but also when it comes to other general products.

What's true #3: Not all expensive products are the best

The price mark of the surgical loupes does not guarantee its quality. That is, not all expensive products are the best option. If you want the best optical magnification loupe, do not just go with what's the leading brand in the market. We are not saying, though, that the leading brands are not of high quality. What we want to emphasize is that the price does not always dictate the quality of the product.

You can find expensive surgical loupes that are overpriced for its quality. You can also find mediocre products at a relatively lower price. There are also fairly priced loupes that are made of high-quality materials like Schultz loupes.

Our surgical loupes are made from German grade optics and high-quality materials but we are offering them at a price lower than those loupe brands of the same quality. Why are we able to do so? Because we can afford it. We manufacture our own products and we have our own state of the art laboratory and highly competitive innovators.

All the surgical magnifying loupes that we offer both online and at our local shops come directly from our factory. We do not purchase products from a third party loupes retailer and there are also no middlemen working for and with us. That is why we are able to offer factory-priced premium quality surgical optical loupes products.

Fallacy #4: Surgical loupes are bad for the eyes

Many surgeons and doctors believe that wearing surgical loupes can cause a myriad of vision problems. For one, it can make a perfectly healthy set of eyes blurry after months or years of using loupes.

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What's true #4: There's no proof that surgical magnification loupes are bad for the eyes

As of the time of writing, there is no known reports or clinical studies that back up the claim that surgical magnification loupes are bad for the eyes. It has not proven yet that using surgical magnifying loupes for months or years can damage the eyesight. What is known as of this moment is the beneficial effect of loupes to the user.

Surgical optical loupes are known to aid surgeons by enhancing their visual acuity through magnifying the image of the operating region that they can see when wearing the loupes. And because the image is brought closer to the eye, surgeons will not anymore have a hard time focusing on the small details of their work area, thus reducing eye fatigue or eye strain.


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