Dental Loupes Clip-On

Believe it or not, most loupe repairs come from them being sat on. Its always a good idea to have a backup set of loupes. But, why spend all that money for a second pair.

Buy a pair of our clip-on loupes

and tuck them away for that day when the inevitable happens.

Our clip-on loupes also incorporate a flip-up design allowing the user to view an area or converse with a patient without having to remove them. .

All our clip-on loupes feature:

  • Medical Grade HD Optics
  • Light Weight and Versatile
  • Three Hinge Adjustable Design
  • Universal Clip for Safety or Regular Glasses
  • Life Time Quality Warranty

Dental Surgical Loupes News

Useful tips for dental loupes and surgical loupesMore
  • Different Ways Of Placing Prescription To Schultz Dental Loupes

    Picking the right pair of Schultz dental loupes can be really confusing most especially if there is a prescription involved. Aside from the primary factors like the magnification power, working distance, angle of declination, field of view, depth of field, frame style, design, and interpupillary distance, you also need to consider your prescription. Here are a few ways you can incorporate prescription into your dental loupes.

  • Can Schultz Dental Loupes Worsen Or Improve Your Musculoskeletal Health?

    There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to loupes. That is, not all loupes are the right one for you. There are loupes that will fit you well and there are also some that you can consider as just a waste of money. Picking the type of Schultz dental loupes can either worsen or improve your musculoskeletal health.

  • Get Your Favorite Dental Loupes At A Lower Price With Our 15% Storewide Holiday Sales

    The holiday season has just ended but not in Schultz Optical. In fact, we still offer the best price and a 15% discount for all our dental and surgical loupes and headlights products with our holiday sales. In order to avail of our 15% off storewide holiday sales simply use the code HOLIDAY15 when placing your order.

  • Dental Loupes Daily Tips: Different Strategies To Achieve Optimal Patient And Operator Positioning Part 2

    The operatory is full of challenges that do not only affect the quality of your work and your productivity but also lead to compromised posture. Fortunately, there are likewise a couple of strategies that you can use to achieve optimal patient and operator positioning. In this second portion of the two-part blog series, we will continue to discuss some other strategies that you can use to achieve optimal patient and operator positioning.