Clip-On Loupes 2.0x - 3.5x

With a fully adjustable viewing angle, inter-pupillary distance and compatibility with most types of glasses frames, clip-on loupes can be a quick and easy solution for those professionals who prefer to wear their own prescription glasses.

Our clip-on loupes also incorporate a flip-up design allowing the user to view an area or converse with a patient without first having to remove them.

Because its extreme versatility, the clip-on loupes can also be shared among multiple users easily. Meanwhile , clip on loupes require adjustment every time the user put on. Also since it is clipped onto the frame, the loupes are not as s table as ones fixed onto the frames. Any sudden movement might change the position of the loupes and may require constant re-adjustment.

Due to the nature of clip-on loupes, we normally recommend it as a back-up pair instead of the primary unit.