Dental Loupes Clip-On

Believe it or not, most loupe repairs come from them being sat on. Its always a good idea to have a backup set of loupes. But, why spend all that money for a second pair.

Buy a pair of our clip-on loupes

and tuck them away for that day when the inevitable happens.

Our clip-on loupes also incorporate a flip-up design allowing the user to view an area or converse with a patient without having to remove them. .

All our clip-on loupes feature:

  • Medical Grade HD Optics
  • Light Weight and Versatile
  • Three Hinge Adjustable Design
  • Universal Clip for Safety or Regular Glasses
  • Life Time Quality Warranty

Dental Surgical Loupes News

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  • Student Dental Loupes: Does Price Really Matters?

    Dental optical loupes are indeed one of the most expensive devices and most important investment for any dental student and practitioner. If you were to decide, will you prefer spending a good amount of dollars for well-know dental loupes brands or pick the cheaper option? Does being expensive really mean that it is better than the other options?

  • Ergonomically Designed Dental Loupes: The Key To A Better Posture

    Many dentists still experience occupational pains such as upper and lower back pain, neck fatigue, shoulder stress, headache, and eye strain even if they are already using dental loupes when performing dental procedures. And because of this, many dental loupes users and non-users are doubting the efficiency and effectiveness of dental loupes when it comes to maintaining an ergonomic posture and in reducing musculoskeletal pains. In this article, we are going to shed light to this query.

  • Choosing The Right Ergonomically Designed Hygienist Dental Loupes

    There are different ways to find out whether the loupes are the right ones for you or not. And one of these ways is to check how comfortable you are when using them for long periods of time. Let us learn how to determine if your hygienist loupes are the correct ones for you and what critical measurements you need to consider when picking dental loupes.

  • Schultz Opticals - Offers 10% Off Halloween Sales For All Our Dental Loupes And Headlights

    Halloween is just around the corner. We understand that it is important for you to find affordable and high-quality optical solutions. For this reason, we are giving you a special discount of 10% for all optical products we are offering. Here is how you can avail of our 10% off Halloween sales!