Dental Loupes Clip-On 2.0x-3.5x

Believe it or not, most loupe repairs come from them being sat on. Its always a good idea to have a backup set of loupes. But, why spend all that money for a second pair. Buy a pair of our clip-on loupes and tuck them away for that day when the inevitable happens.

Clip-on loupes can also be a quick and easy solution for those professionals who prefer to wear their own prescription glasses.

Our clip-on loupes also incorporate a flip-up design allowing the user to view an area or converse with a patient without having to remove them.

Because of their extreme versatility, the clip-on loupes can also be shared among multiple users easily. (Dental students with classes on different days!) Remember these are fully adjustable, so you will need to adjust them each time you clip them on.

Dental Surgical Loupes News

Useful tips for dental loupes and surgical loupesMore
  • Dental Loupes: An Excellent Way To Achieving Good Posture

    For dentists, it is really challenging to maintain an ergonomic posture when providing treatment to patients most especially if you do not use the proper dental equipment. If you seek to improve your visual acuity and to maintain a healthy posture while performing dental procedures, you would need to consider using proper magnification optical aids such as the dental loupes.

  • A Comparison Of The Different Types Of Dental Loupes

    There are currently various types of dental loupes available in the market. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among the most popularly used dental loupes are the through the lens or TTL loupes and the flip up loupes.

  • Are Dental Loupes Good For Your Eyes?

    Why would you let your eyes and your body suffer from strains and pains when there is an easier and more comfortable way to practice dentistry? The best way to get rid of getting eyestrain, poor posture, muscular pains, and other occupational illnesses is to use the right type of dental loupe.