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Face Shields

Order Face Shield for Dental Loupes

The loupe face shield can give up to a 96% decrease in the danger of inhaling airborne microbes, especially in a medical setting. The advantages incorporate the accompanying.

  • • Easily cleanable
  • • Comfortable to wear and simple to relax
  • • Protects the layers of eyes
  • • Preserves vision
  • • Prevents the user from touch negligencies

Dental face shields for loupes by Loupedirect are not difficult to place and wear. They fit easily over 3.5x expanded field scopes. They are suitable for loupes with limited extensions and would oblige bigger magnification as well. Each face shield for loupes stretches out past the boundary of the user’s dental loupes, offering further security from water splash or particles that could hit the eyes from beneath.

The cement tabs are tough and do not isolate from the loupes while being used. They stick well to the arms of the loupes and offer safety to the side of the face as well.

If you start using a face shield for dental loupes, you will be surprised to see how much moisture gets collected on the shield, keeping your face safe from all hazards. Dental face shields for loupes by Loupedirect are dispensable and can be used for a long time. Face shield for loupes is an amazing answer for securing your loupes and offering insurance to your eyes during dental treatment.

Face Shields

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