What are the features of Dental Hygiene Loupes?

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Dental Hygienists play a significant role in the field of dentistry. They focus and specialize in the prevention, treatment, education of oral diseases and disorders of teeth and mouth. The scope of work of hygienists includes:

  1. They examine patients’ gum and teeth to look for diseases or abnormalities.  

  2. They remove and clean plaques or tartar on teeth

  3. They provide deep cleaning and polishing teeth treatment

  4. Hygienists assist the dentist with cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening

  5. Perform or assist dentist for composite filling or restoring teeth

  6. They perform non-surgical periodontal therapy, such as scaling and root planing.

  7. They educate patients on following good oral hygiene practices.

Visualizing the oral cavity and thin line cracks have always posed a challenge for professional associated with the field of dentistry. From fibre optic light fitted equipment to today’s sophisticated loupes with fitted, visualization solution has evolved at an unprecedented rate. Modern magnification solutions for dentists, hygienist, clinician and students aid them to have better procedural outcomes, improved ergonomics and high patient satisfaction. Aren’t these reasons enough to invest in Dental Loupes?

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Let’s look at some of the features of Dental Hygiene Loupes:

1 Super Lightweight

Dental Hygiene Loupes are different from standard loupes. They are light in weight, easy to carry and can be worn for a long duration. Loupes for hygienists are compact and builds up less pressure on the nose bridge of the user. However, while purchasing the loupes, the hygienists should ensure they are buying high-quality loupes from a reliable manufacturer. A high-quality frame will distribute loupe weight evenly around the nose bridge and ears. With the use of right size precision instruments, the hygienist can increase their productivity and restore the beautiful smiles of their patient.

Schultz Loupes spends ample time researching and testing to build the best dental loupes for hygienists that are lightest and comfiest to wear.

2 Extra Large Viewing Field

One of the many challenges that dentists and hygienists face while working in the dental fields is viewing microscopic details with naked eyes. Even if you have 20:20 vision, small cavities to stains are tough to view without magnification. One of the best features of Dental Hygiene Loupes is they have a wider viewing field which enables the dentists to view the affected area completely. It is to note that the longer the working distance of a loupe, the greater its field of view will be, and the lower the magnification, the larger the field of view.

3 High Magnification

All types of Dental and Sugical Loupes are meant to improve the vision of dentists by magnifying the subject. Hygienists have to deal with a patient with various dental problems like cavity, tooth erosion and sensitivity. Without magnification, any medical professional may miss out minute but essential details of the tooth, which could hamper the treatment procedure.

Dental or Surgical loupes are specifically designed to provide a precise interpretation of the details. Effective examination, correct diagnosis is the first step to achieve success in treatment; therefore, magnification holds a lot of importance. It also improves the clarity, focus and visibility that allow clinicians to detect the condition before they proceed ahead.

Dental Hygiene Loupes made by Schultz offers multiple levels of magnification-starting from 2.5 x, 3.0 and 3.5.x magnification.

Prescription Requirement

The good news about Schultz made surgical loupe is that you can customise a loupe with prescription glass fittings. If you have prescription glasses then either you can make contact lenses and get non-prescription loupes, or you can get the loupes fitted with your prescription numbers. So, while buying the prescription, dental loupes make sure to give the updated eye vision no. At Schultz, it takes around 1-2 weeks of production time to make custom loupes according to your vision.

5 Lighting Option

Most of the loupe manufacturers offer loupes mounted with a headlight for brighter vision. However, while purchasing loupes, you should consider the work requirement and decide if you want basic loupes or with headlight. A dental headlight with a loupe is slightly heavier than the basic one. At Schultz, you can find loupes with  batteries integrated into the frame of the glass, providing the wireless experience. 

Lifetime Warranty

All loupes made by Schultz come with a lifetime warranty which applies to all working parts of the hinge mechanism, optics and barrels. Additionally, Schultz offers 30 days risk-free trial, so in case if a user doesn’t find the loupes appropriate, they can return and avail full amount back.

In Takeaway

Selecting the right pair of Dental Hygiene Loupes helps in enabling the professionals to have better visual acuity, promoting better treatment and improved ergonomics. Schultz makes the top quality loupes using high-grade fibre and lenses that are durable and lightweight to carry. 


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