6 Tips on how to make your first dental surgery successful using Dental Loupes

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In clinical dentistry, the skill, precision and dexterity matters the most. The surgical precision can be achieved with good vision, but that level of the vision cannot be achieved with human eyes. However, the use of Surgical Loupes provides the magnified vision, making chances of successful surgery higher.

If you're a dental surgeon and have stepped into this field recently, the use of Surgical Loupes can help you boost confidence and increase the chances of positive outcomes. Usage of microscopic magnifying devices has revolutionized the field of dentistry. With time, the tools have also evolved – from macro magnification to micro magnification; dental loupes are available in all sizes.\

As a new dental practitioner, you may hold back some nervousness while treating the patient or during the start of the surgery. But you can eliminate that nervousness by gearing yourself up with the right surgery tools and focused mind.

In the following blog, we will discuss some tips to make your first surgery successful:

1 Talk to your patient

Make your patient comfortable by asking how their day was? Are they prepared for surgery? Explain to them the procedure and kind of cooperation you require from them during the process. This interaction will help both you in building a better understanding of the surgery.

If the dental procedure requires application of the local anaesthesia, keep your patient informed about the same. Some treatment like tooth extraction, wisdom removal and root canal requires local anaesthesia.

2 Check on tools and other medication

One of the primary and most essential steps of surgery is preparing the tools for surgery and guiding the assistant before the surgery starts.

Keep oral surgery tools like Dental handpiece, Forceps, Scalpels, Chisel, etc. ready and at a near distance for ease in reaching. Since we are in a pandemic situation, it is also necessary to sterilize the tools and other essentials frequently. 

If the surgery requires the anaesthesia, then keep the syringes ready and if local anaesthetic is to be called, make those arrangements too. In dental surgeries,only a small area around the affected area of the mouth is numbed for a few minutes.

3 Wear PPE suit and masks

In the time of COVID, it is essential to keep yourself and the patient safe. Dress up with a PPE suit and mask. Additionally, do not forget to wear loupes with surgical headlights to have enough vision and light to view the affected area clearly. The more the light, the better you can see.

4 Ask your patients if they are ok?

Some dental procedures are excruciating and take a  long duration, so it is essential to ask your patient if they are ok. You should stop if the patient suffers extreme pain and then resume 1-2 minutes later. The well being of the patient and their cooperation during treatment is equally important.

In several cases because of the pain the patient fails to stay steady which causes trouble for dentists to work. In that case, a small break and chat can distract and calm the patient.


5 Don't forget to put on Surgical Loupes

As loupes are meant to provide magnification, it helps the dentists in diagnosing the problem quickly and allows them to do the treatment with utmost precision and care.

The efficiency of the procedure doubles with dental loupe as the dentist or surgeon can view the targeted area of the treatment clearly. With surgical loupes, both patient and dentist can have peace of mind during the treatment.as proper magnification reduces the risk of procedural accidents and injuries.

6 After Care

Suggesting diet and medication matters for the fast recovery of open wounds. A dentist usually recommends a soft diet and some medication for a few days. Along with aftercare, dentists should schedule one call within a few days of treatment to know the condition of patient post-surgery.

In Summary

There is always a first time-the best way to ensure that your first surgery is not negatively impacted-prepare, have right oral surgery tools and be empathetic towards the patient. It will surely lead you to success.

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