Valuable Key Points That Make Patients Select And Stay With Their Dentist Part 1

Aside from giving your clients what they want at an affordable and when they need it, there are other important ingredients to make a "success" recipe. With the right ingredients, you can be able to grow your dental practice, improve your patient base, and increase your revenue. But what can really make your patients stay with you? Here are some important ingredients to a more successful private dental practice.

Warm, helpful, and accommodating staff

Have you heard the statement " the first impression lasts"? Although this statement is somewhat subjective, in most cases it is true. No matter how seasoned you are in your field, if your staff are somewhat stiff, arrogant, and inhospitable, the chances for your patients to come back or get recommendations from them is relatively small. Some new patients may even walk out right after talking with an unwelcoming front desk staff.

Your clients are important for your business in order for it to continue to thrive. In that note, you must let them feel that they are valued and cared for and it should start immediately upon their arrival. Your staff, most especially those at the front desk, should be warm, helpful, and accommodating.

Good dental facilities

Your patients will not only be considering the quality of the service you are offering, they are also observing the type of facilities you have. Your facilities do not have to be always new. The used and old ones will do as long as they are properly maintained and are in excellent condition.

Up to date dental equipment

Are you using the latest dental equipment and devices or are you still an old-fashioned dental care provider? For instance, are you still doing dental procedures with your bare eyes or are you now using the latest magnification optical aids like the dental loupes? Using the latest portable dental magnification loupes allow you to deliver a more precise and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Post operation calls

Not all dental practitioners realize the importance of post-operation calls. Although some dental offices do this for quite a while already, only the dental staff calls and talks with the patient. This is a huge mistake. If you want to keep your patients, make sure you show them your care. You can have your staff call your patients but make sure you will be the one to talk with them.

Post operation instructions

Are you giving your patients some post-operation instructions or are you the type of dentist who just turns his back right after the dental procedure is completed? If you belong to the second type, you better start to learn how to give post-operation instructions.

True, it may be an added work for you, but this is one of the best ways to keep your patients and to make them feel that you care for them and not only for their payment. You can give them the rundown of the instructions, though, and let your staff explain them in detail. It is also wise to allow your patients to ask questions to make them understand better the dental procedure or treatment.


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