How New Developments in Dental Loupes Technology Solve The Myths About Dental Loupes

Dental loupes are currently playing an active and vital role in the rapidly advancing digitalization and modernization of the medical and dental sector by providing healthcare professionals visualization solutions. With the new development in dental loupes technology, optical loupes are becoming more and more sophisticated. Here are a few myths about dental loupes and how the latest developments in technology help debunks these misconceptions.

Undoubtedly, a pair of loupes does offer many benefits both to the dentists and the patients such as better visual acuity, improved body posture, increased patient care and satisfaction, enhanced efficiency, and reduced occupational strains, among others. However, despite the many good things that this magnification device offers, there are still many dental professionals who are apprehensive when it comes to using it.

One of the reasons behind this is that traditional loupes are too heavy for long hours of usage. A dental magnification loupe may seem lightweight at the first few seconds or minutes of use. However, as you use it for extended periods of time, the weight can build up and when this happens you will start to feel uncomfortable particularly in areas like the upper bridge of your nose, neck, and shoulder. Many dentists believe that this situation can only hinder them from delivering better patient care instead of being helpful.

Fortunately, with the continuous studies and developments, dental loupes manufacturers are able to come up with a design that is less weighty than the traditional loupes. One of the high quality and lightest dental loupes that you can find in the international market today is the Schultz Feather TTL Series. With its less than an ounce weighs, you will not have to worry about it getting heavy even if you use it for long hours.

Another reason why some dentists still do not use dental optical loupes is that they believe that loupes are only intended for aged dental professionals or those who need optical aid to enhance vision. The truth is, dental loupes are not designed to fix visual impairment but to aid dentists to see the oral cavity more clearly and closely. Loupes are magnification optical device that magnifies or enlarge everything that you see when looking through the lenses. They make it possible for dentists, young and old, to see every small detail of the teeth, to come up with more precise dental diagnosis, to deliver better patient care, and to gauge more appropriate treatment. 

Other dentists believe that buying a loupe is just a large addition to their expenses and it is useless to use an optical aid when they are still young and have a great visual ability. Why would I bother buying an optical aid when I still have perfect vision? This is what other dentists say when asked about purchasing their own dental loupes.

Dental loupes are actually a long-term investment that will benefit both your health and career. It allows you to work for long hours without experiencing eye strain and body pains which are primarily caused by exerting more effort on focusing the eyesight to every tiny object you are working on and by leaning forward for extended periods of time. 


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