Valuable Key Points That Makes Patients Select And Stay With Their Dentist Part 2

A dental practice can practically be just a small patient-driven business. However, it does not have to stay as a mere small business. Check these additional important ingredients to a more successful private dental practice.

General cleanliness

How is the cleanliness of your dental office and equipment? Are you observing the highest standards of general cleanliness and sterilization? It is important that your dental office is thoroughly clean from your furniture and fixtures to your dental equipment and devices. Make sure that the environment is soothing and does not smell bad. Also, make sure your office is pest-free.

Dental Tools

Your dental tools should be free from dirt, dust, rust or stains and they should also be properly sterilized. Even your dental headlight and dental loupes should be well cleaned and sterilized not only for your own safety but also for sanitary and infection control purposes.

Personal hygiene of the dental team

Personal hygiene does matter not only for your own health's sake but also for your business. You do not have to dress extravagantly or wear a thick makeup to look good. What is most important is that you look and smell pleasant and fresh.

You will need to greet your patients with a beautiful smile, right? If so, then have your teeth brushed. If your hair is short, make sure it won't drop into your patient's mouth. Better yet, tie your hair neatly. Make sure you do not have any unpleasant body smell. If you have extra piercing like in nose or tongue, have it removed before meeting with your patient. Also, cover any body tattoo you have. In short, you must be clean enough to work.


Like any other types of businesses, location is also a key factor for your dental practice to prosper. Make sure that your dental office is located not only in an accessible area but also in a place where you can possibly build your own patient base.

Prompt exam for new  patients

It is just normal for you to conduct an exam or survey for your new patients in order to document or keep a record of their present dental health as well as their relevant health and personal information. But you should not stop there. How about asking them about their goals for their teeth and helping them create a plan on how they can achieve these goals as well as giving them tips how to properly care for their oral health like proper flossing and brushing? Also explain to them your available financial options.

Operating hours

Do not just stick with the Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. operating hours. Do not make it complicated for your patients to catch your schedules during their work hours. If you want to increase your revenue and improve your patient base, try to open on peak demand times like on Saturdays and Sundays or after office hours when your clients are already out from their respective work. And make sure you are always on time for a scheduled appointment.

If you have been the business for quite a while already but you still can't see any remarkable growth in your revenue, productivity, or patient base, try to check if you have all these important ingredients.



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