Who Are Working With The Dentists In A Dental Team?

Dentists can't work alone most especially those running their own dental office. They can't be a jack of all trades who will do everything in the office from receiving and entertaining clients to performing dental works and everything in between. Providing dental care services either in a private clinical setting or for the community is a team effort and responsibility. Each of the members of the team has his own significant role to play in providing quality dental care as well as in maintaining and promoting oral health. But who is included in a typical dental team? Let us take a look at who are the members of the dental team and the important role they play.

Dental Hygienists

While some dental offices don't have hygienists, most of the private and public oral health care providers in the United States acknowledge the important role they play in the dental team. In a typical setting, the first person who will first meet you inside the clinic's dental operating area and who will first check your teeth is the dental hygienist. Dental hygienists also perform basic dental procedures like scaling, providing local anesthetic, applying sealants for teeth protection, and polishing teeth.

The primary role of the hygienist in the dental team is to help educate both children and grown-up about the importance of dental care. They also teach the patient how to properly care for their teeth and gums and to maintain oral health.

Dental Nurses

The dental nurse is the one who assists the dentist, dental hygienists, dental therapist, and dental technologists or technicians in the clinic in various aspects of patient care. As a dental nurse, you are the one responsible for handling, preparing, maintaining, and disinfecting all the dental operating instruments, tools, and devices including the dental loupes which are used by the dentists and/or hygienists for magnification and ergonomic maintenance purposes.

Making sure that the relevant supplies and materials needed for the dental procedure are available and in place is also part of your responsibility. You will be the one who will provide direct support to the dental professional and to the treatment itself. Aside from that, you will also be the one to look into the patient's records and to welcome them in the dental operating room. Dental nurses are also responsible for making sure that high standards of infection control and cleanliness are being observed at all times.


The dentists are the leader of the dental team. Not only does he need to have enough knowledge, right skill set, and solid experience in his specialty, he also needs to be a good leader and at the same time a team player in order for him to successfully manage the team, run the dental office, and grow the business.

As a dentist, you should possess the required skills not only in the field of dentistry but also in leadership and business management. You must be confident enough to give good advice, diagnose dental problems and provide treatment to your patients and to perform both simple and intricate dental and oral surgical procedures.


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