Top 5 Tools Dentists And Hygienists Can't Live Without

If there is a single dental tool that you can't live without, what would that be and why? Every dental professional has his own favorite dental tools and devices. Some of you can work perfectly well even without tools like dental headlight while others can't function well without it. To know which of the dental tools dentists and hygienists can't live without, we talked to a few of them and here is what came out of our quick survey.

Dental Headlight

While it is possible to work only with just the traditional overhead lamp or operating light, you may not be able to achieve the right amount, quality, and stability of illumination you need when performing different dental procedures most especially those that require a high level of precision and accuracy. 

Dental Headlight

A dental headlight that produces an ultra-bright natural light allows you to see the real color of teeth and the oral cavity. The best thing about portable dental headlight is that it does not cast a shadow on the working area and it is also very convenient and easy to use.

Isolite Mouthpiece

The Isolite mouthpiece is very helpful in procedures like air polishing and placing of sealants. It makes placing sealants easier even without assistance. It also lets you perform air polishing more efficiently and with only little mess.

Air Polisher

When dealing with moderate to heavy stain, dentists love to use air polisher. It is more efficient as compared to prophy paste. You can use it together with a wide HVE tip and Isolite mouthpiece to manage and minimize the mess produced in polishing.

Suction Mirrors

Although suction mirrors have been in existence for quite a long time already, not all dentists and hygienists use them. In fact, they tend to be considered as among the most underutilized dental tools so far. They are even seldom mentioned at the dental school. But if you have just tried using the suction mirrors when ultrasonic scaling, you will surely love using it again and again.

Dental Loupe

For new users, it can be really challenging to get used to using precision magnification devices such as the dental loupes. However, once you have already adjusted to using a dental magnification loupe, you will surely never think of going back to working with just your bare eyes or with other types of optical magnification devices.

Dental optical loupes

Dental optical loupes have been known to enhance both the visual acuity and the posture of the user. It enables you to see even the most critical and small details of the oral cavity, including the sub-gingival calculus in pockets which are typically missed out when working without loupes. It makes it easier and quicker for you to clean out fissures and pits, place the sealants, and carry out various treatment works in a more precise way.

So, there you go- the top 5 dental and hygienist tools that many oral care providers can't live without. If you have not used any of the above-mentioned tools yet, we recommend that you try them at once. 


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