Dental Magnification Loupes For Dental Hygienists

In order for physicians and dentists to perform every medical and dental procedure properly and accurately, they need the help of specific tools and devices. Like any other health care providers, hygienists also need to use the right diagnostic and precision tools and devices for them to be able to deliver high-quality dental care, to come up with a more precise diagnosis, and to recommend the best treatment plan. One of these vital precision tools is the dental loupes for hygienists.

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Magnification in dental hygiene practice

Magnification has become an essential part of dental hygiene practice. It makes it possible for hygienists to see the affected area of the oral cavity more clearly, and closely. There are a few magnification devices available in the market right now. But for hygienists, the best magnification optical tool is the dental loupes.

Dental magnification loupes are portable magnifying devices that are typically used by dentists and surgeons to enhance their visual acuity, to improve their posture while working, and to deliver higher quality diagnostic and treatment works.

Benefits of optical loupes for dental hygienists

Although wearing dental optical loupes is not yet common among hygienists, some have already tried using them and have proven the value and advantages they provide to every dental procedure that hygienists perform.

Optical Loupes

Dental loupes allow hygienists to carry out hands-free mode of treatment. The optical loupes magnify the image the hygienists see when looking through the lens, making it possible for them to have better access to the oral cavity. With the enhance visual acuity or the ability of the hygienists to see the area they are working on in crisp detail, they are able to work more efficiently, quickly, and at ease.

Dental hygienists, just like dentists and surgeons, are also prone to common physical occupational ailments such as weakness of shoulder, chronic backache, eye strain, and musculoskeletal pains. Because of the nature of the work environment of the hygienist (the oral cavity), dental hygienists need to lean closer towards their patient's mouth to be able to see the area they are working on properly and clearly. They usually hold such bending position for quite some time or until they are done with the procedure. And because of this, dental hygienists experience various physical ailments at the end of each working day.

Dental hygienists Loupe

One quick solution to this posture problem is to use a magnification optical aid that lets the dental hygienists see the operating spot without the need for them to hunch over. Dental optical loupes allow hygienists to work in an upright position and healthy posture within their working distance.

The best magnification for hygienists

Dental loupes are available in different magnification powers ranging from 2.0x to 6.0x. For general dental care procedures, a 2.5x magnification is enough. The 2.5x dental magnifying loupes are highly recommended for hygienists most especially for first-time users as they are the easiest models to get accustomed to.

Getting used to using a dental magnification loupe can be a bit challenging during the first few days of use. However, once you have already adapted to it, you can be able to appreciate more the benefits it provides.


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