Mother's Day Sale| Get 15% Off For Every Purchase You Make This Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day celebration at Schultz Optical!

Mother's Day is the best time of the year for people around the world to celebrate and honor the influence of mothers and mother figures including mothers-in-law, relatives, foster parents, guardians with or without maternal bond, and stepmothers in society.

There are various ways we celebrate and show our appreciation and love to our mothers. Apart from being a responsible, obedient, respectful, and loving child, simple gestures like telling your mom how we love her, and giving hugs and kisses will do miracles.

Mother's Day Sale

Families celebrate Mother's Day through family visits or gathering, dining out at a cozy restaurant or a cafe, having a family picnic, giving heartfelt messages, writing poems and songs, going out on a movie date with the entire family, and many more. Other people give their mom a day break off work, allowing their mother to enjoy the rest of the day pampering herself at a salon or spa or perhaps doing things she truly loves doing.  

Giving cards, cakes, flowers, and gifts are also among the common ways we show appreciation to our mothers.

As our way of thanking all the mothers and mother figures across the globe and appreciating the immeasurable love they offer to mankind, we give you one of the biggest deal we have this year. With our Mother's Day Sale, you can get as much as 15% discount on all Schultz dental loupes and headlight products. Simply use the promo code "MOM" when placing your order to avail of the 15% off.

Mother's Day Sale

If your mom is a dentist, dental hygienist, or surgeon, we provide you the best gift you can give to her. With our wide selection of Schultz optical loupes, you will surely find something that would best suit your mother. Consider these few suggestions:

            * Dental Headlight Butterfly Wireless LED ( Price starts from $ 899.00 )

            * Orchid Dental Surgical Headlight ( Price starts from $ 699.00 )

            * Dental Headlight Feather Series LED 40,000 Lux ( Price starts from $ 599.00 )

            * New Fusion TTL Dental Loupes & Surgical Loupes ( Price starts from $ 699.00 )

            * Micro TTL Dental Loupes & Surgical Loupes ( Price starts from $ 699.00 )

            * Feather TTL Dental Loupes & Surgical Loupes ( Price starts from $ 699.00 )

            * Fusion TTL Surgical Loupes ( Price starts from $ 1299.00 )

            * Dental Loupes Micro Flip-Up ( Price starts from $ 399.00 )

            * Dental Loupes Fusion Flip-Up  ( Price starts from $ 399.00 )

            * Dental Loupes Feather Flip-Up ( Price starts from $ 199.00 )

            * Power Flip-Up Surgical Loupes ( Price starts from $ 599.00 )

What are you waiting for? Buy your mother a new magnification optical aid now as your Mother's Day gift for her. And don't forget to use the promo code "MOM" to get 15% off for our Mother's Day Sale.

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Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. 


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