Schultz Dentistry| Primary Benefits Of Paperless Dentistry

Are you still doing the old style way of keeping records? Are you getting sick and tired of compiling all your patient's important data, or perhaps finding different ways to store the large stack of patients' files that get more bulky and bulky each month? Well, it may be time for you to go paperless.

What is paperless dentistry?

You might have already heard or know about this. But for the sake of those who just heard about it today, paperless dentistry is the way of using electronic dental record software or application to manage and organize the patient information. It is more than just typing in all details of your patients to a computer.

Paperless dentistry

To let you understand more about paperless dentistry, here are a few benefits it offers.

Compatible with different electronic devices

Electronic medical or dental record software or applications are often compatible with different types of electronic devices like computer, iPad, Android phones, and other smartphones. You can install them on various devices.

Quick access to information

This makes it more convenient and quicker for you to access any patient information you want and need anytime, anywhere. You do not have to ransack all the stacked files on your dental office's storage room to find the information of your patients or perhaps to visit the dental office to get it as you can easily access it using your electronic device.

Dental Office

Easy file organization and management

Electronic dental record software or applications are like typical record system with a modern twist. You will not be using a paper or a hardcopy of the information or you will not also have to bother about manually organizing the files.

Instead, you will just type in all the essential information in the system and leave the rest of the work to the software. You can easily and quickly organize the data according to your preferences, may it by family name, date, age group, gender, or others.

Saves you money

Paperless dentistry means you will no longer have to set a certain budget for the paper files. You don't have to think about additional storage space, or perhaps additional filing cabinets anymore. This means you will not be spending a huge amount of these materials. Plus, by going paperless, you will be doing the environment a great favor.

Enhance productivity and efficiency

Writing with pen and paper is often more time-consuming than typing on your smartphone. Since going paperless saves you a lot of time, you can be able to spend more time on other valuable things like attending to your patients' needs perhaps and let you focus on that, thus improving both your efficiency and productivity.

Better dental practice management

Paperless dentistry lets you manage your dental practice, monitor your schedule, review patient data at your most convenient time anywhere you are, and even keep track with your finances. There are also some applications that allow you to manage your dental supplies, tools, devices, and instruments like dental loupes in a more effective, convenient and easier way.

Dental Practice

It's so portable, it allows you to check the progress of your dental practice with the use of your smartphone provided you have it installed on it.

There are many other benefits you can enjoy by simply going paperless aside from those explained above. 


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