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One of the handiest dental instruments available for dentists today is the dental loupe. This optical magnification aid allows you to see the oral cavity more closely and clearly without bending forward and staying closer to your patient's mouth. Not only will they help improve your visual acuity, dental loupes will also help you enjoy a pain-free practice and a longer career.

Fusion 2.5x TTL loupes and headlight

The advantages of dental loupes have long been proven and known by many dental and medical professionals across the globe. However, despite their amazing benefits, many dentists, students, dental hygienists and surgeons still refuse to use them. And one of the reasons behind this is the awkward appearance someone wearing a loupe may look like. But, you don't have to worry about this anymore as we have here a quick fix to this issue.

Check out some of the tips we have below on how to stay cool while wearing dental loupes.

Choose the right loupes

Dental loupes can either break or make your career. The wrong loupe can give you more risks than benefits. If you already tried using a pair of dental loupes before but you still can't be able to stay in an upright position or perhaps you are still working with a hunch back and your musculoskeletal pain still persists, then you might have chosen the wrong loupes.

Dental loupes are supposed to help you maintain a healthier and more visually appealing working posture. If you still look like a hunch back dentist while wearing your loupes, it might be about time to buy a new one.

Pair of Dental Loupe and Headlights

Get the right measurements

Precisely following the right measurements is very important. By getting and knowing your right measurements, you can be able to choose the best pair of Schultz dental loupes for you. This measurement typically includes the working distance, PD, angle of declination, and prescription.

Purchase a trendy style

New loupes innovations like the New Fusion TTL Loupes are far more trendy than any other traditional dental loupes you can find on the market today. There are now a few models of dental loupes that offer both functionality and style. For instance, Schultz Optical offers dental loupes with different cutting-edge designs, colors, and trendy style that will make you look cool and will even enhance your facial features.

Dental Loupe

Pick the lightest available loupes

Weight can build up over time. That means, the longer you wear the loupes, the heavier they get. Once the weight starts to build up, it will as well affect your focus, comfortability, and appearance.

You want to look cool with loupes, right? If so, then pick the lightest available loupes. It's imperative to choose the pair that won't cause you to frown, to feel uncomfortable, and awkward, something that won't hinder you to wear that cool beautiful smile.

And lastly, make yourself presentable. Nothing else beats good hygiene, proper grooming, and beautiful smile when it comes to looking cool. So, there you go- the easy to follow tips to look cool with dental loupes.


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