Your Ultimate Guide To Dental Loupe Shopping

For dentists, hygienists, surgeons, and other medical doctors, having a clear vision of their work area is very important. Sometimes, using our bare eyes is not enough for us to see clearer and closer most especially when we are performing micro-surgery or when we are dealing with smaller details like the teeth, their parts, and surrounding tissues. As dentists, we will need to use a device that can enable us to have a better vision of the mouth and the teeth of our patients so that we can come up with a more precise diagnosis and so that we can successfully carry out any dental procedures. One of the essential devices that all dentists across the globe need to have is the dental loupe.

Dental Loupes

The dental loupes are magnifying devices that enlarge or enhance the image of an object when we view it through the lenses. Aside from the fact that they provide us with superior visualization of the area or object we are working on, they likewise offer other benefits. Some these benefits include:

         1. Better posture or ergonomics
         2. Improved performance
         3. Increased patient satisfaction and confidence
         4. Improved patient care
         5. Enhanced vies of the oral cavity
         6. Reduced neck pain, shoulder stress, backache, headache, and eye strain

Picking the best pair of loupes

A dental loupe is one of the most valuable investments that you can have both for yourself and for your practice. Picking the right pair of loupes is very important as it can greatly affect your performance.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when shopping for a dental loupe like the:

         1. Magnification level
         2. Working distance
         3. Depth of view
         4. Weight
         5. Quality of the frame and optics
         6. Light transmission
         7. Field of view
         8. Resolution
         9. Type: Flip Up vs Through The Lens
       10. Design
       11. Brand
       12. Angle of declination
       13. Interpupillary distance

Aside from these factors and specifications, you will also need to consider its fit and comfort because no matter how perfect looking and expensive the loupe is or how high its quality can be, if you are not comfortable wearing it and it does not fit you well or does not meet your needs and personal preferences, it can be deemed useless.

Which brand should you buy?

There may be a handful of types and brands of loupes available in the market today but only a few of them can truly provide you with real benefits. One of the most commonly used and most trusted brands today is Schultz.

Schultz Loupe

Schultz has been in the business of manufacturing high quality, top of the line, and reliable surgical and dental loupes and headlights for over a decade already. Schultz loupes are meticulously designed and crafted from Pro-Grade optical materials.

The company offers a wide range of magnification levels (from 2.0x - 6.0x) to make sure that dentists will have various options to choose from and so that they can easily find the right pair that suits them best. The optics manufactured by Schultz features multi-Layer AR coatings which enable them to produce HD images.


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