Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Dental Loupes

Purchasing a pair of dental loupes is certainly not a joke and it is not an easy decision to make either not only because a single pair can cost you hundreds of dollars but also because this essential piece of dental equipment can greatly affect your performance and your career in general.

Things to Consider

So, you have decided to enhance your dental performance by being one of those dentists who realized the importance of using highly functional and handy magnification device when performing various dental procedures and treatments. By the way, there will never be quality dentistry without proper magnification: they must go hand in hand.

What are the things that you need to take into consideration when shopping for dental loupes?

Magnification Level

If you intend to use your dental loupes for typical dental procedures and if this is your first time to use them, choose the one with lower magnification level. A 2.5X is ideal for first-time loupes users and for those who are still in the process of learning how to use them. It is better to get accustomed to it first before you seek for higher magnification levels.

Type of Loupes

There are currently two types of dental loupes: the Flip-up loupes and the through the lens loupes. Before purchasing the loupes, it is better to try to wear these two first and see which one works best for you.


Most of the time, using just a magnification device is not enough in order for you to have a clearer and better vision of the mouth of your patient. Having enough amount of illumination can help enhance the view of your working area. If you can already afford it right now, it would be better if you buy a pair of dental loupes together with a handy LED headlight.

Quality of Product and Company

If this is your first time to purchase a dental loupe, it would be better if you do a little research first about which company or what brand offers the highest quality products. You can ask other dentists you know if they can recommend a specific brand or manufacturer but it is always better if you do the research yourself as well. Although the price really matters, do not be attempted to choose the one with a lower price tag if you are not sure of the quality. As the old saying says: you get the value of your money. It is important that you consider the quality first over the price because dental loupes are really an investment that you can use for years and that can greatly affect your dental performance.

Fusion TTL Loupes

The dental loupes market is dominated by a number of big name brands. It would be best if you start your research from these brands first and then go all the way down to the local market. Check if the company offers a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product you purchased. Also check if the company has a local repair outlet so that in case you need to have your device repaired, you know where to go to. Also, pick the company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality dental loupes and avoid those that are making and selling them along with their other optical products. 


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