Dental Loupes For Students

Learning dentistry can be challenging. But with the help of the right tools and devices like a pair of student loupes, it can be both fun and easy. Dental loupes have proven to offer various benefits to the users. However, research has shown that there are only three primary benefits that dentistry students get from using dental loupes.

Schultz Benefits

Primary Benefits of Using Student Loupes

Clinical Skills

With the help of dental loupes, the learning curve has made easier and faster. It is easier for students to understand and comprehend even the complex lessons about dentistry if they can be able to personally see before their eyes the things that are being discussed in the class as compared to just relying on the texts and images on their books. This does not only help them learn more quickly, it likewise helps them improve their clinical skills.


Dental loupes allow users to have a clearer, bigger, and closer vision of the working area. For students, a 2.5x magnification is enough.


The most obvious benefit that loupes offer to the students is ergonomics. Almost 80 percent of dentists suffer from chronic neck pain, backache, headache, and eyestrain. These health issues are mainly caused by having poor posture. For dentists to see the teeth of their patient clearly and closely, they would need to bend a little more forward and stay in unnatural positions for a couple of minutes or even hours. This can lead to poor posture and various chronic pains in the long run. Dental loupes allow dentists to clearly see their work area while holding an ideal posture.

Which Optical Positioning Design You Should Choose?

When it comes to the positioning of the optics, there are currently two design options available. The first one is the flip-up and the second is the through-the-lens. Each of these designs has their own specifications, pros, and cons.

Flip-up Loupes

Flip-up Student Loupes

The optics of the flip-up loupes are being attached to a mechanism that permits the users to flip them out when not in used or when not needed. This design is perfect for those who are wearing eyeglasses since you can easily add prescription to the frame. Another good benefit of this design is that it is cheaper than the other design. It also features an adjustable angle of declination. The downside of this design, though, is the fact that it is heavier and it has a narrower field of view.

Through-The-Lens Loupes

The optics of the through-the-lens or TTL loupe are set in the frame's lens. They are individually customized for the user's interpupillary distance and working distance. The pupillary distance is the distance between the two eyes. Because the optics of the TTL loupe is close to the eyes, it produces a larger field of view. It is also lighter than the flip-up but it can be really expensive.

If you want your loupes to be lighter, you can choose the TTL design.


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