Why Should You Consider Choosing Schultz Optics Dental Headlights

As the magnification power of the dental loupes increases, it is mandatory for you to also increase the amount of lighting of your dental headlight. Moreover, not all dental procedures require the same level of brightness. When looking for a new dental headlight, it is important to choose the one with adjustable light intensity or brightness so you can be able to use it for a variety of dental procedures. With the many dental headlight options available in the market today, why should you consider choosing Schultz Optics headlight? 

If you are currently struggling to get the right amount, quality, and stability of light for the spot you are working on, the best option you have is to use a dental headlight. Not only that it provides you with the lighting you need, it is likewise easier and more convenient to use and is very portable. You can move from one station to another without having to manually move it or adjust its position.

Schultz Optics lighting system is the perfect solution for your dental lighting needs. Our dental loupes are carefully designed for maximum performance. With a perfect combination of ease of use, lightweight, comfort, functionality, and reliability, you are sure that you are working only with the best available lighting system in the market today. 

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We have different models of dental headlights, namely, Dental Headlight Feather Series LED 40,000 Lux, Surgical Headlight Everbright LED 70,000 Lux, and Dental Headlight Fusion Series LED 50,000 Lux. Each of these models gave variable outputs, lens, and beam width to ensure that we can be able to provide you with a perfect solution for your varying personal preferences and clinical needs allowing your work more efficiently and comfortably. Schultz Optics dental LED headlights can be mounted directly to any type of dental magnification loupes, and it can also be attached straight to your chosen safety glasses or perhaps to a headband.

What makes our dental headlights unique is their special features. They all can provide ultra brightness and pure white color lighting which allow you to see the natural tone of the oral cavity without any color distortions. They also offer superior light uniformity without any shadow. Our lighting system is powered by a lithium polymer technology which enables you to work for up to 17 to 18 hours without battery charging disruptions. With merely 0.15 oz weight, the Schultz Optics LED dental headlight is considered as the most portable and the lightest of its kind today. All of our LED headlights also come with free charger, battery, and curing filter. 

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Another advantage of our dental LED headlight over other brands with the same type is its price. Other brands are offered with a price mark that ranges from $600 to $2500. Our headlights are only $599 and its cost of parts replacement is also very low, making it more affordable than the others. Most of the other brands do not offer an edge to edge clarity. Our headlights are among the very few brands that offer an edge to edge clarity. 


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