When You Need To Buy A New Pair Of Schultz Optical Loupes Part 2

The other day we talked about the first three signs that will tell you that it is already about time to get a replacement for your old Schultz dental loupes. These three signs include:
•When you experience blurry vision.
•When there are changes in your prescription or vision requirements.
•When you feel uncomfortable wearing the loupes.
Today we will continue to identify and discuss the other signs that you should watch out for to know when you should buy a new pair of loupes.

Dental Headlight

Loupes are falling off your nose

Do your current dental optical loupes keep falling off your nose? If so, then your loupes' frame might have gone loose. The problem with other types of frames like those made from plastic and other unstable materials is that they tend to become loose over time. To make sure that the frame will last for years, choose the one that is made from titanium or from any other more sturdy materials.

Your neck aches

Change your loupes if your neck aches at the end of the day or after using them. The neck pain can be caused by using non-ergonomic dental loupes. It might be that your current loupes were not designed to support your neck or they might be too heavy for you. When shopping for loupes, pick the one the has a declination angle that ranges from 10 to 20 degrees as these are the most acceptable angle for neutral neck positioning.

Dental Treatment

Subpar depth of field

A high-quality loupe offers an excellent depth of field. When picking a dental loupe, consider the one that offers deep field as it provides you with more freedom of movement. If your current loupes do not have a deep field, consider buying a new loupe with a good depth of field.

Change of focus in practice

If you have changed your area of focus or specialty and you need either lower or higher magnification, it would be better if you purchase a new pair of dental loupes that is intended for such focus. For instance, if you are using 2.0x loupes for simple general dental procedures like tooth cleaning or extraction, you may need new dental loupes with higher power for intricate procedures that require more precision and focus.

Dental Practice

Uneven clarity 

If your loupes cannot sustain clarity or resolution across the entire field or if the edges get blurry, you may need to purchase a new optical magnification aid with better resolution. Using loupes with uneven clarity can cause eye strain. It can as well limits your focus.

Your back hurts after or while working

Schultz optical loupes are designed to promote and help you maintain an ergonomic working posture. Ergonomically designed loupes are supposed to allow you to work all day long without feeling any musculoskeletal pains like neck fatigue, shoulder stress, and backache.

The right loupes also enable you to see the oral cavity closely, clearly, and in perfect accuracy within your working distance without the need for you to lean forward and to hold an uncomfortable bending position for long periods of time. However, if you always feel back pain after work or while performing dental procedures, the should try to have your loupes checked and reassessed.


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