Schultz Dentistry: Who And What Can Affect The Growth Of Your Practice And Patient Base?

Providing dental care services is a team effort and responsibility. A dental team is usually composed of a dental hygienist, a dental nurse or assistant, and a dentist. But are they the only ones who have the responsibility to manage and take care of the day to day operation of a typical private clinical setting? If you think of patient care, patient base growth, and practice growth, who do you think plays the most important role? At first look, it seems like such questions are quite straightforward and are simple to answer.

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What influences patient care, patient base growth, and practice growth?

When it comes to things that influence patient care, patient base growth, and practice growth, what do you think is the best answer? Is it the facilities in your dental office? Is it the dental instruments, tools, and devices you use when performing dental procedures like the Schultz optical loupes which allow dentists to deliver higher quality dental care services by enabling them to have better access to the oral cavity and by reducing musculoskeletal pains?

Truly, these things are critical to any private dental practice. However, they are not the only primary factors that can lead to better patient care, patient base growth, and practice growth.

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Who plays greatest the role when it comes to patient care, patient base growth, and practice growth?

Of course, you would say that the most important roles are played by the dentist, the dental hygienist, and the dental nurse or assistant. Why? It is because they have undergone and complete years of extensive schooling, they are professionally trained to offer the best quality dental care to their patients, and they are also well-informed and knowledgeable about the standards set by the dental board in their locality. These professionals are also practicing Schultz dentistry under oath and are obliged to observe the highest ethical principles at all times.

Each of the members of the dental team has his own significant role to play. However, there are other members of the dental team that is often not recognized just because they do not have the same level of education and profession as with the dentists, hygienists, and dental nurses.

But who really are the members of the team with the most influence over your patients and over the growth of your patient base and dental practice? They are the people who have the first and last contact with your patients. They are the receptionists, dental office staff, front desk personnel, customer service personnel, or call them whatever you want. These people are the first individuals who welcome your patients upon their arrival. They are also the ones who call your patients for follow up and the ones who answer patient calls, queries, and concerns.

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What do patients are looking for in a dental office?

Patients are not only looking for dental professionals who are excellent at providing dental care but also for a dental team that is warm, friendly, and accommodating. Generally, patients base their judgment as to which dental office is the best by assessing their own experience. This includes the quality of dental care they receive, how each of the dental team especially the dental office staff or receptionists treat them, the price of your dental service, and your dental office facilities.


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