When You Need To Buy A New Pair Of Schultz Optical Loupes Part 1 -

Schultz optical loupes have become one of the most important tools used by many clinicians from around the world when performing various dental procedures. Dental loupe allows both medical and dental practitioners including the dentists, hygienists, and surgeons to deliver higher quality health and dental care and to improve their precision and accuracy most especially when working on more delicate and complicated operating procedures just like in the case of microsurgery.

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Truly, medical and dental professionals have recognized the value that magnification and dental optical loupes bring to their medical and dental practice and many of them are already enjoying the benefits that this precision instrument offers. However, there will come a time that you can no longer enjoy the same benefits that your current dental loupes offer. When this time comes, will you dump your existing loupes and buy another one or will you just cease using it because you think that they are no longer beneficial for your practice?

But, when should you really change your loupes? How will you know if it is already about time to purchase another pair of dental magnification loupes? Here is a checklist that will help you know when you need to change your old pair.

You experience blurry vision

If you experience blurry vision or if you feel dizzy while wearing the dental loupes, then you may need to buy another pair of Schultz loupes. There are different reasons why dental optical loupes cause you to feel dizzy or to have blurry vision. It might be because the loupes are not ergonomically designed or perhaps your eyes are not adapting really well to the magnification. It can also be because the loupes that you have chosen do not fit you well from the very start. It is critical to pick the right pair of loupes that will perfectly fit you to ensure that you get the most out of using them and to avoid blurry vision as well.

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Changes in prescription or vision

If there are changes in your prescription or vision requirement it is better to have your loupes reassessed as well. This is especially true for users who do not wear prescription contact lenses and that prescription is added to either the carrier lens or optical barrels of the dental magnifying loupes.

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You feel uncomfortable wearing the loupes

When you start feeling uncomfortable wearing your current dental loupes, most likely it will as well affect your focus and precision and eventually the quality of your work. If you are no longer comfortable wearing the loupes for an extended period of time or if they already hinder you from focusing on your work, then something might be wrong with your dental loupes. In this case, you may consider purchasing a new pair or have them reassessed or repaired by the dental loupes manufacturer.

These are the first three signs that will tell you that it is about time to change your dental loupes. On the second part of this post we will continue to talk about the other signs to watch out for.


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