Different Ways Of Placing Prescription To Schultz Dental Loupes

Dental loupes are particularly designed to help dentists, hygienists, surgeons, and other dental and medical practitioners see their working or operating area more clearly, closely, and precisely. However, not all loupes users are able to achieve the perfect clarity and high-resolution images they aim to see due to various reasons. One of the primary reasons is that they have chosen the wrong set of Schultz loupes.

Schultz Loupes Set

Choosing a pair of dental loupes that will perfectly fit you can be really confusing. There are a lot of important factors that you need to consider before you can find the right loupes for you. Aside from the primary factors such as the magnification power, working distance, angle of declination, field of view, depth of field, frame style, design, and interpupillary distance, you also need to consider the prescription you need if there is any.

For dental and medical professionals who need vision correction, prescription lenses are required for them to be able to see clearly. Many dental and medical professionals who are wearing prescription glasses are doubtful when it comes to using dental loupes because they think it is hard to wear both prescription glasses and dental loupes at the same time.

Thankfully, there are a few solutions to this issue. One is to switch to prescription lenses. You can also choose to incorporate prescription into the dental loupes. The prescription should be properly placed in order to make sure that perfect clarity and excellent resolution is achieved.

Dental Loupes Micro Flip-Up

How to incorporate prescription into Schultz loupes?

The process of adding prescription into Schultz loupes vary depending on the design of the loupes. Although you can not find ready-made dental loupes that are already designed with prescription, you can always ask the dental loupes manufacturer to add it. You just have to consult an eye doctor prior to buying dental loupes to know your latest prescription requirements.

Adding prescription to flip-up loupes

The prescription can be added to the carrier lens of the flip-up loupes. Adding the prescription in the carrier lens enables you to see everything within your field of view very clearly and closely whenever you look through the dental optical loupes barrels.

Dental Headlights

Adding prescription to through the lens loupes

Unlike with flip-up loupes, you can add prescription into a through the lens loupe in two different ways. It can be placed either in the carrier lens or in the optical barrels.

Choosing where you will place the prescription will greatly depend on your vision requirement. For instance, you need to add the prescription in the optical barrels of the loupes if you are using a close-up or reading prescription. This allows you to see the things directly in front of you very clearly and in perfect focus. If you use a distance prescription, on the other end, you must place it in the carrier lens of the dental magnification loupes in order for you to see a clear image of a distant object.

If you are not certain yet where to place your prescription, you can seek help from both the eye doctor and the dental loupes manufacturer.


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