Can Schultz Dental Loupes Worsen Or Improve Your Musculoskeletal Health?

Magnification has brought on a large impact on the world of dentistry. Due to the availability of various optical magnification tools and instruments, many dentists and hygienists were able to improve not only the quality of their work and their efficiency as dental professionals but their overall health as well. However, despite the many claims about the ergonomic and health benefits of using Schultz dental loupes, there are still a lot of dentists, hygienists, and loupes users who suffer from different kinds of musculoskeletal health problems. This made many people questioned about whether this type of optical magnification aid helps improve or worsen the user’s musculoskeletal health.

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Are the loupes you are using the right one for you?

Schultz Dental loupes are not created equal. In addition, there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to loupes. That is, not all loupes are the right one for you. There are loupes that will fit you well and there are also some that you can consider as just a waste of money.

Picking the right loupes has something to do with the many benefits they offer especially in terms of the user’s health. You can only reap the many benefits they provide if you are able to choose the dental optical loupes that perfectly fit you.

Factors to consider when choosing dental loupes

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when choosing a pair of dental loupes. Aside from the price, frame design, and color of the loupes, which are more likely based on personal preferences, it is important to pick the loupes that matches your clinical needs like the magnification power, working distance, angle of declination, quality of optics, weight, depth of field, and field of view. Choosing between through the lens loupes and flip up loupes can also make a huge difference in your musculoskeletal health.

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Choosing the right loupes

Dental loupes can either make or break your dental career. They can either help improve or worsen your musculoskeletal health. But how can you be sure that the loupe you choose will be good for you? The quick answer to this question is to purchase a well-designed ergonomic dental magnification loupes.

Back to the important factors of choosing dental loupes, the angle of declination is the most critical of them all in terms of ergonomic and musculoskeletal health. As of the time of writing, there are still no particular loupes that allow the user to maintain a complete neutral head posture. But with the right declination angle, that is 20 degrees or less, you can be able to avoid musculoskeletal health problems like neck pain, backache, and shoulder stress. Choose the dental optical loupes that make it possible for you to work with a forward head posture that is lower than 20 degrees.

The dental loupes that provide a steep angle of declination can help enhance your working posture, makes you more comfortable when performing various dental procedures, and lower your risks of various musculoskeletal disorders.


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