Top 4 Strategies Surgeons Can Use To Get More Patients Online

Many surgeons still refuse to make use of the modern technology most specifically the internet to market their practice because they believe that doing so can degrade their profession. Some settle for the old ways of getting patients like direct referrals from old patients and recommendations from health care institutions.


The fact is, more and more patients are now turning to Google to look for surgeons and other healthcare professionals. If you still settle for the old way of marketing your practice and refuse to get online, you will be missing a large pool of potential patients. If you want to increase your leads and generate more income as a surgeon, the best way is to go where your patients go. That is, establish your own online presence. But how can you get more patients online? Here are a few effective strategies you can use to get patients online.

Establish your online presence

A smart surgeon knows how to adapt to changes especially in terms of marketing his practice. In this modern era, the internet is considered as one of the most powerful tools that businesses and professionals use to reach a wider market. If lawyers, dentists, accountants, and other professionals are now using the internet to expose themselves to potential clients, why can't you?

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Start by establishing your online presence. There are various ways to establish your online presence, you can opt for paid advertisement or for less expensive strategies. You can also start with creating your own website and listing your practice in various local directories and medical sites.

Consider doing search engine optimization

It is not enough to just have a website. You need it to be searchable and visible on search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. One way to make this possible is to do search engine optimization or SEO. Through SEO, you can be able to rank your website on search engine result page and bring it in front of your target audience whenever they search for services similar to what you offer.

Make use of social media

Almost everyone is now social media connected. Social media provide an effective platform for healthcare providers to market their practice and stay connected to their past, current, and future patients.

Perhaps you are one of the billions of people around the world who are fond of using social media. How about making use of it to improve your online presence? You can create a social media account or page for your practice and use it to share informative and engaging posts or tips about health and to connect with your patients. You can start with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as these are by far the most popular and effective platforms for healthcare professionals.

Leverage patient testimonials feature

Let us say you already have a good-looking, responsive, and mobile-friendly website as well as an engaging social media page. But do you have a patient testimonial feature on your website or social media page? If you don't have it yet, then consider leveraging the patient testimonial feature to attract more patients and to establish your reputation.

Loupes and Headlights

So, there you go- the top 4 among the many ways to get more patients online. Want to attract more patients? How about letting them know that you are using the latest technologies like Schultz surgical loupes when performing surgical operations? Surely, patients will prefer surgeons who are well equipped than doing surgeries the old ways. 


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