The Truth Behind The Common Myths Of Plastic Surgery Continued

Plastic surgery is a very common topic nowadays. We hear a lot of celebrities, iconic public figures, and even wealthy private individuals going under the knife to improve their physical appearance. We also hear many bad things about such procedure as well. We've talked to some plastic surgeons and asked them to address some of the myths about plastic surgery.

Below are some of the common misconceptions of plastic surgery and the fact behind them.

Plastic surgery is just a frivolous practice

There are many reasons why people undergo plastic surgery but the most common reason we hear is that many of the known personalities went under the knife to achieve a more pleasing physical appearance. For this reason, many people think that plastic surgery practice is merely just frivolous.

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The fact is plastic surgery is also an equally important medical procedure that is performed to address issues that greatly affect an individual's quality of life such as confidence, self-esteem, and injuries or deformities due to diseases or accidents. Moreover, plastic surgeons are also trained to perform life-changing and critical surgical operations and to use different vital instruments such as the surgical loupes just like surgeons practicing other medical specialties.

Plastic surgery work is obvious

They say that you can easily tell if an individual has undergone a plastic surgery procedure. This statement can be half myth and half true depending on the surgeon who performed the operation.

If you choose the right, board certified, well-trained and skilled plastic surgeon, you can don't have to worry about looking awkward or fake after the operation. The right surgeon can help improve your own natural beauty as well as to identify and carry out the appropriate enhancement procedure that will best fit you.

Plastic surgery is addictive

This myth varies from person to person. The plastic surgery itself is not addictive. It is just that there are some people who always have something in their physical appearance that they want to further improve. It is more of a self-image and contentment issue which can be addressed by some other non-surgical medical treatment methods or therapies.

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If you are talking about treatment programs and non-surgical procedures like Botox injection, maintaining it can be acceptable and safe for healthy people.

Plastic surgery is only for older people

Another myth that we want to debunk today is the statement that plastic surgery is only for older people.

The fact is, plastic surgery is not merely of older people and it's not age dependent as well. Based on the report of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the age of those people who have undergone plastic in 2013 ranges from 18 and younger to 50 years old (1.9% are ages 18 and younger, 27.2% are ages 19 – 34, and 39.3% are ages 35-50). Just by looking at this statistic, we can clearly and safely say that there is no age limit for plastic surgery. 


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