Schultz Loupes: What Makes It Beneficial For Your Practice?

With more and more dental and medical professionals, students, and educational institutions around the world trusting and choosing Schultz Optical, it is safe to say that it is undeniably one of the leading dental and surgical loupes brands today. Here are a few reasons why Schultz loupes are becoming a trend in optical technology nowadays.

Schultz loupes are the lightest of their kind in the market 

Weight is one of the most important deciding factors when choosing loupes. Unfortunately, many loupes in the market today fail to deliver both excellent quality and lightweight. If you want high quality loupes, you will likely end up getting the heavier one and vise versa. Schultz Optical has successfully came up with new innovative products that are not only high quality but are also very light and comfortable to wear.

Schultz optical loupes are the lightest of their kind in the market today, providing not only enhanced visual acuity and improved overall productivity but also pain-free practice. You can now enjoy as much as 50% lighter loupes without risking the quality of the optics and the frame.

High quality loupes that last for years 

We can proudly say that our loupes are all made from high quality materials: from optics to frames to packaging. We use medical grade German HD optics and ANSI certified impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, as well as sturdy yet flexible and lightweight materials for our carrier frames. Unlike the other brands, our loupes can last for years without deterioration in quality. In fact, we have been featured in various shows and one of which is the famous TV series "Bones".

End of Season Sale - Dental Loupes and Headlights

Schultz loupes are very affordable

High quality typically comes with a high price. But with our loupes, it is completely a different story. Schultz dental loupes are well known for being so affordable. What makes it possible for us to deliver lightweight, high quality, and trendy loupes at such low prices? Simple. We have eliminated the presence of middlemen by directly offering our loupes and headlight products from our factory to our customers.

Apart from offering our dental and surgical loupes at factory price, we also hold seasonal sales and deals, allowing you to save more on your new loupes purchase.

Currently, we offer a 10% discount for our End Of Season Sales. Simply use the promo code ED10 to avail of the 10% off.

Schultz Optical loupes are very fashionable

With our beautiful designs, you will no longer have to worry about looking awkward when wearing a pair of loupes. We make it possible for you to find and pick the best loupes that fit your needs and style. Schultz optical loupes are available in different colors and frame styles.

Not convinced yet? Well, here's a special offer for you...

It is true that every brand will talk only about the best features of their products to encourage people to place an order. But unlike other brands, we don't just tell stories, we also walk our talk.

And to prove such, we offer the best warranty policy you can ever find in the industry today. Every purchase is entitled with a limited lifetime warranty and a generous 30-day free trial or money back guarantee. Plus, we are now making our loupes available for testing.

Home Try-on Program - Dental Loupes and Headlights

Test and try your selected loupes all you want anywhere and anytime within 5 days with our home-try on program. If you are satisfied with the quality, fit, and price, you can purchase similar model and if not, well, you can opt to try another one until you find the perfect pair for you. Amazing, right?


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