Schultz Optical Home Try-On Program: Try Your Chosen Loupes And Headlights At Home For Free

Advanced technology plays a very vital role in the development of dentistry. In today's era, a lot of tasks are done with the aid of smart technology from dental practice management to clinical procedures. One of the products of this smart technology is the dental magnification aid.

The innovation of dental loupes undoubtedly revolutionized how dentists see their work area. With the help of dental surgical loupes, dental professionals are able to easily get access to the secluded areas of the oral cavity and see the operating region more clearly and closely which lead to more accurate diagnosis and better treatment. Unfortunately, using just any kind of dental loupes does not automatically guarantee this. You need to pick the right pair of loupes in order to use it to your advantage.

Home Try-On

But with the almost countless dental loupes models and brands available on the market today, it is rather easier to pick the wrong pair than to get the right one. You can’t just buy one today and another one tomorrow, and so on until you find the pair that perfectly fit you. That would be really troublesome and costly as well.

Try our dental and surgical loupes and headlights for free with our Home Try-On Program

Schultz Optical know how important and how challenging it is for you to find the right pair that is why we thought of something to help you try our dental and surgical loupes without paying the actual price. With our Home Try-On Program, you can be able to try your chosen loupes and headlights at home for 5 days. You can use the product as much as you want within 5 days and decide later on whether you want to purchase a similar product or try another one. Here are some of the products that you can try at home:

Wait, there’s more!

Let us say you have already decided to purchase the same dental surgical loupe model and successfully placed your order. Aside from the chance to try the demo product at home for five days, you will also be given a generous 30-day risk-free trial period to try the actual product you have purchased.

If you think that the loupes and headlight you purchase do not fit you or you are not satisfied with its quality, you can have it replaced by another loupes and headlight, remade or customized further, or perhaps ship them back to us and get a refund. Please note, though, that we do not refund the shipping cost. 


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