Schultz Dentistry| Effective Ways To Outsmart Your Competition Online

So you already have established your online presence. A nice responsive website, check. Listings on local directories, local citation sites, and active membership on various dental and medical forums, check. Engaging social media pages, check. The list goes on. It seems like you have already done everything you need to establish a good brand for your dental practice. So, what's next?

As we've always mentioned, a dental practice can and should also be treated as a business. And with that, it's quite expected that you have lots of competitors in your locality. You might not think about totally eliminating your competitors but you should at least try to outsmart them without hurting them. But how are you going to do this? Here are a few strategies that you can use to outsmart your competitors online.

Know and understand your competition

Before you can outsmart them, you have to know who your competitors are first. Know the services they offer, the facilities they have, and the online marketing strategies they are using, for instance. This information can help you understand why they are where they are right now.

Dental Loupe

For example, are using Schultz dental loupes which greatly enhance their precision in terms of diagnoses and treatment. Whilst, you are carrying out dental procedures without any optical magnification aid. In this illustration, who do you think will earn more patient trust and loyalty, you or your competition?

Create the right content

It's quite tempting to post every single successful procedure and acknowledgment you have. When posting content on your website or social media pages, refrain from focusing more on your achievements. Instead, create contents that are more patient-focused, something that your target audience will find helpful and engaging. For instance, you can post something about tips and tricks about dental care. Creating and using an effective online strategy and content marketing plan will greatly help you outsmart your competition.

Celebrate with your patients

Christmas, anniversary, Thanksgiving day, or other seasonal remarkable events? Have you won the special award at the latest dental convention? How about celebrating them with your patients?

You can offer special discounts or freebies perhaps. It's one of the best ways to share your joy with your patients and to give back. Post the good news to your website and social media sites and expect more patients to visit your dental office.

Dental Office

Give your customer service due importance

Customer service is a vital ingredient to a successful dental practice. And so, you need to give it due importance. Remember that your patients may forget about what you said to them but they will never forget the experience they have while in your dental office.

Good customer service should not only be limited to personal encounters but also through various online platforms like through your website or social media page. They might have some questions about your services or payment methods perhaps that they want to ask but they cant be able to visit your clinic. In this case, keeping your online communication lines open can help you connect with your patients at their most convenient time and to show them that you value them and you are always willing to answer their questions, solve their dental problems, and meet their needs.


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