Schultz Dentistry| Cool Ways Dentists Can Use To Serve Their Patients Better

Customer service and patient care should always go hand in hand. However, there are times when it is hard for you to offer these two at the same time. Moments like the patient don't like the dental procedure you just performed but is pleased with your service, or perhaps you did well in the dental procedure but your customer service sucks. Regardless of which of these two scenarios you are in, the bottom line stays the same. That is, a low rating of either customer service or patient care can hurt your practice in one way or another.

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So, how can you be able to offer both excellent patient care and customer service? Here are a few cool ways dental professionals like you can use to serve and care for your patients better.

Doing follow-ups on patients

Sending follow up messages or calling patients takes time and effort. That is why many dental practices tend to ignore it. Though doing follow up calls may sound simple and old fashion, it is still necessary for you to practice it as it will pose a great impact on your career.

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As much as possible, do the follow-up call by yourself especially for patients who have undergone major dental procedures and do not just trust this task to your hygienist, secretary, or receptionist. This way, your patient will feel that you care about their welfare, discounting the thought that you are just doing such as protocol. Not only will this make your patients know that you care for them and that they are appreciated by their dentist, but it likewise cultivates trust and increases your chances of getting direct referrals.

Enhance your dental office environment

Make your dental office environment cozy, clean, friendly and pleasant. You can hire a professional interior designer or a local artist perhaps to bring more color and life to your dental office environment.

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Improve your dental tools and instruments

Another cool way to offer better care and service to your patients is to improve your dental tools and instruments. By using the latest dental innovations like the Schultz dental loupes, you can be able to serve your patients better and quicker.

Let us take dental loupes as an example. It has long been known that dental loupes offer you a better visualization. With better visual acuity, you can be able to offer a quicker and more precise dental diagnosis, treatment, and care which in return will help improve the quality of your service and patient care.

Offer free gifts

Everybody loves free gifts, giveaways, and freebies. Why not make use of this idea to lure your patients. Surely, your patients will keep coming back to your dental office whenever they need something done for their oral health.

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Be smart in picking the free gifts, though. Choose something useful and something that can make them remember your dental office whenever they look at it. You can offer oral health essentials as freebies like toothpaste, a roll of dental floss, electric toothbrushes, or mouthwash or perhaps other common items like calendars and clocks. 


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