Schultz Dentistry: A Guide To A Smoother And More Effective Private Dental Practice Part 4

Running a dental office is like running any other type of business. With the right strategies, you can be able to grow your practice exponentially and at the same time attain your goals while providing the best quality dental care for your patients. In this last part of this four-part blog series, we are going to talk about the other important factors and ways to create a better and smoother private dental practice.

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Let's do the recap

In the first three parts of this blog series, we discussed the first few ways to run, and manage a private dental practice more effectively and smoothly. Among these effective and helpful ways are:

         *   Improving your customer service

         *   Modifying your dental office hours

         *   Keeping your dental tools, devices, facilities, and instruments like your dental loupes up to date

         *   Making your exam rooms more organized, neat and tidy

         *   Automate billing

         *   Expand your team

         *   Pull in new patients

         *   Market the dental services you are offering

         *   Use a good scheduling solution

         *   Train your staff

         *   Keep an eye on your office inventory

Now that we are done with the quick recap, it is time to continue with the last few ways to improve your dental practice.

Offer easy financing scheme

Going to a dentist is quite expensive. This is one of the primary reasons why a lot of people refuse to seek dental treatment. Despite the need to seek for dental treatment, many people don't visit a dentist because of financial barriers. It may be either their insurance coverage is not enough for their dental needs or they don't have any dental insurance at all.

To encourage new patients, make your financing scheme easier to handle and understand. Create a rigid yet reasonable and fair financial policy and offer different financing options if possible. It is also wise to assign a staff who will take care of this work.

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Give importance to the cash flow

The cash flow is not only about auditing cash inflow but also outflow. Many dental practices made the mistake of just focusing on their billing and thinking that it is enough to generate a stable income. Although this may help, it is still better to look for other ways to improve cash inflow like increasing the number of new patients. This can be achieved by upgrading your facility, offering new treatment packages, adopting a better technology, and using new dental devices, tools, and instruments that can help improve the quality of your work like the Schultz optical loupes and dental headlights.

Also, keep an eye on your cash outflow and minimizing it as much as you can but without sacrificing quality and quantity. There are many ways to do this. For instance, you can use more affordable but high-quality supplies and equipment. You just have to look around for suppliers that offer excellent quality products at a more affordable price.

Dental Loupe

For instance, Schultz Optical offer dental loupes that are of the same quality as the leading brands but with a lower price. We are able to offer dental products at factory price because we are the one manufacturing the products and we do not pay any middleman or retailer. 


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