Schultz Dentistry: A Guide To A Smoother And More Effective Private Dental Practice Part 3

In order to smoothly run and manage a private dental practice, you need to be both a skilled dentist and a good businessman. That is, having the expertise in Schultz dentistry is not enough to ensure all the things within your practice are in place. You need to possess essential skills in managing a business and to have enough knowledge on the different aspects of your business including your inventory, and cash flow.

This is the third part of this four-part blog series. Last week we have talked about some effective ways to make your private dental practice run more smoothly. Today we are going to list down another three and discuss each one of them in detail.

Dental Treatment

Train your staff

It is important that you understand how important the role that your office staff plays in the growth of your practice. Remember that before your patients meet you, they first meet your staff especially the frontliners. If they are not satisfied with how they are being treated, chances are your new patients might walk out without even seeing you.

It does not matter if your staff have a bachelor's degree or if they only have a few years in college. Although education is essential, do not just rely on it and assume that your staff is the best in town. What matters most is their dedication, skill, and ability to deliver quality service.

Make sure that you train your staff well. Train them how to handle each of their specific tasks effectively, how to treat your patients well, and how to handle difficult clients, among others. Make them one of the primary reasons why your patients want to visit your dental office again and again.

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Keep an eye on your office inventory

It is important that you keep an eye on your inventory to make sure that you have enough supplies for every procedure that you will be doing and at the same time you are not wasting your money on supplies that you do not need. One best way of managing inventory is to design an easy to follow and understand inventory system which you can use in your dental office.

You can try a few inventory system and check which one works best for you and then stick to it. It is likewise essential to assign somebody to monitor the inventory on a regular basis. You can do the inventory once or twice a week or depending on your desired schedule. This will help you avoid over-ordering or shortage of supplies.

Use a good scheduling solution

Staff scheduling can be really challenging at times most especially if you have a huge team to manage. To make it easier for you to manage the schedule of your employees, you can use any of the digital scheduling solutions available today.

It is also important that you give your employees the freedom to pick a schedule that's convenient and easier for them to follow. Do not pressure them to follow the schedule you make. This is one effective way of retaining your staff and making them feel happy with their work.

Of course, you need to make sure that you have enough number of staff for every schedule.


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