Part 2: Living The Life Of A Dentist

The other day I tackled about the importance of caring for your patients and of using the right type of magnification optical aids like the dental loupes and headlight. Today, I am going to share some other important things that I learned while living a life of a dentist.

Practicing dentistry is a business too.

Being a dentist and running your own dental clinic is more than just providing the best quality dental care services to your patients. To be able to successfully run your own dental clinic, you need more than just great dental expertise, skills, and knowledge. You need to be a good businessman too.

You have to great business plan and to pay for your rental fee, staff compensation, utility bills, dental supplies, and other operating expenses. Make sure that your expenses do not exceed your revenues or else you will be facing bankruptcy sooner or later. Like with other business establishments, you need to hire employees who will address and handle common business matters and concerns like expected working hours, employee benefits, job descriptions, book keeping, and financial matters like keeping an eye on the accounts receivables.

Never hesitate to embrace changes and updates

The dental market continuously evolves. Every now and then there are new updates in terms of dental technology and techniques. If you think these updates can help you grow as a dental professional and if they can benefit your business, never hesitate to embrace such changes. Invest in new devices and equipment and attend to conferences and training to improve your skills and knowledge and to know new dental techniques. Modern equipment like the dental loupes is especially helpful in modern dentistry. These portable optical devices can help enhance your visual acuity and allow you to see every critical detail of the oral cavity clearly and precisely. Dental loupes can also help you to improve the quality of your services, and to increase the level of your productivity.

Proper scheduling and excellent time management are a must

Among the biggest factors in revenue production is operating efficiently. Do not accept all the bookings you receive if you can't handle them well. Try to maximize your time and learn the art of excellent time management. Set a specific time frame for every treatment procedures and use it as a basis when booking appointments. Your patients will be glad if you are on time and if you can stick with your set schedule.

Do not rush into going solo

Dentist Loupes

While working on your own and running your private dental clinic seem to be more attractive these days, never rush going into solo private practice. It is more adviseable to gain learning and experiences from working with other dentists first before you establish your own clinic most especially if you are just starting your career. This way, you can be able to get accustomed to the "ins" and "outs" of running a dental clinic and to get some ideas on how to handle various issues and challenges.

Running your own clinic means being the boss. Though being a boss sounds great, it is not as easy as you think. Aside from focusing on your practice, you will also need to keep an eye on every single aspect of your business to make sure everything will work well. You are responsible for your clinic, your patients, and even for your employees or team. Everyone will be expecting you to step up whenever something goes wrong. 


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