Part 1: Living The Life Of A Dentist

Dentistry is such a rewarding and amazing career. Being a dentist for over a decade made me learn a lot of things in life. I may not be one of the greatest and the most popular dentists in the world or the leader in the industry, but I have some valuable things and experiences that I can share with other people. I hope this article will inspire others most especially the young ones who are yet to start their dentistry career.

You need to care to become a better dentist

I came from a family of dentists. Seeing how my family's lifestyle progressed all throughout the years made me believe that becoming one can allow me to earn more than the amount an office employee can earn. And so I decided to enroll at the school of dentistry. However, as I practice my profession, I realized that dentistry is more than just money making.  Although most of us get motivated with the potential amount of money we can earn when practicing dentistry, we need to care to become a better dentist. 

No matter how skillful and knowledgeable you are, and no matter how successful the mechanical diagnosis and treatment are if you care less of your patients, they will never get the satisfaction they are looking for. Some may even get angry and find fault in your work. Try to wear your patient's shoe. Which dentist do you think can give you excellent dental care, the one who cares only about making money or the one who is appreciative and caring (considering both have the same level of expertise)?

Dental loupes and lights are essential

If there are two dental aids that I can't live without, that would be dental loupes and dental headlights. I have tried working with the usual dental microscope and overhead lamp during my early years of practice. Although they can be of great help, I do not like the idea of using these two devices and tools for long years. A friend once introduced the portable optical aid known as dental loupe and the moment I tried it, I get hooked on it. I have been using my dental loupe and headlight for 6 years now. 

Dental Headlight

Working in dark areas and small objects such as the mouth and the teeth can be really challenging. It can even be more difficult considering the other factors inside the treatment room that can affect the quality of illumination. Dental magnification loupes and headlight make my life as a dental professional a lot easier. They help me deliver a higher quality dental care and a more precise dental treatment. Dental loupes enhance my visual acuity while the headlight makes it easier for me to see every corner of the oral cavity and help me identify the real color of the teeth and gums of my patients.

Not only that, with the help of the dental loupes, I get to maintain a healthy posture while working. And since using the loupes, I seldom feel occupational pains like back pain, headache, shoulder stress, neck fatigue, and eye strain which are often caused by using wrong optical aid and low-quality lighting system.


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