Dental Loupes Fusion TTL 2.5x - 3.0x

Fusion Series Loupes are modular and lightweight. These loupes are the newest and best choice for professionals that want high quality yet affordable loupes.

We used the highest quality German Optics for the loupes optics and all fusion loupes are durable and comfortable, with large field of view and fantastic depth in clarity. Waterproof, yet easily cleaned.


  • True High Definition Images
  • Large Field of View and Depth of Field
  • Three Way Soft Padding - Nose, Forehead and Ears Padding
  • Ultra Light and Super Sturdy
  • Scratch Resistant and Water Proof
  • Assembed in USA and Shipped in 2 Days

Don't forget that our TTL loupes cost less than half the price charged by the other companies and, they are covered by 30 day money back guarantee and a limited life time warranty.

Dental Surgical Loupes News

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    We understand that even though many dental students, professionals, and hygienists already know about dental loupes, there are still some who have many questions in mind about them. To help you learn more about these precision instruments, here are some of the common questions about dental loupes and their corresponding answers.

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    You do not have to work harder to be able to be an effective and efficient dental care provider but to work smarter by using the right magnification optical device. Gone were the days when dentists have to bear the heavy weight of the traditional dental optical loupes. With the new development in dental loupes technology, loupes are getting lighter and more sophisticated.

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