Different Tips To Consider When Marketing Your Dental Practice

Staying ahead of the completion is easier said than done. The dental industry is a really competitive market. With new dental practices opening every now and then offering fresh and better services than yours, it can be easier for you to get left behind than to stay ahead of the game. Not to mention, managing a dental practice alone is quite a complex and challenging undertaking. In order for your dental practice to thrive in such a competitive market, you need to keep your focus on both the minor and major aspects of your operations and ensure that they are all handled effectively and efficiently.

In terms of marketing strategies, you have a lot of options to choose from. However, not all of these strategies can work magic for your dental practice. You need to find the right strategies that fit you well. And with that, you need to first identify what makes you unique or what makes you different from the other dental practices in your locality and how you can maximize these characteristics and use them as selling points to market your brand. Without further ado, here are a few effective tips you can apply to successfully market your dental practice.


Know what you really want

What is your goal? What do you want to gain from your marketing effort? It is critical that you know your brand very well, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and define your goals or objectives before marketing your practice.

As much as possible, be more specific and realistic. Don’t just set a goal like for instance “to increase my revenue this month”. Instead, make your goal a bit more detailed by saying “to increase my revenue by 10% by the end of this year”. The second illustration is a bit more specific and realistic than the first one. From here, you can find the right marketing strategy that will help you achieve what you really want.

Identify your current position in the market

One best way to find the right marketing strategy is to know your market and to identify your current position. Consider the 5 main P’s (price, place, product (services), promotion, and people) when determining your market position and performance. Once you already have all these info, it would be easier for you to assess your performance, determine your position in the market, and decide what kind of strategy will best help you achieve your goals.

Put patient satisfaction your top priority

This may sound funny, but there are some dental practices that do not prioritize patient satisfaction. If you want to thrive in a highly competitive market, you need to ensure that all of your patients leave your clinic satisfied and that you always meet, or better, exceed their expectations.

There are different ways to achieve improve patient satisfaction. This includes but not limited to:

    -  Offering better and a wider range of dental services under one roof.
    -  Providing different financial options.
    -  Upgrading your facilities and making your clinic a patient-centered institution.
    -  Investing in the latest dental technologies like dental loupes and headlights that can help improve the quality of your work and enhance your productivity.
    -  Implementing advanced treatment protocols.
    -  Delivering high-quality dental care services at a fair price and at a shorter time.
    -  And many more…

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