Ask to Qualified Expert: About Oral Dental Health

Can oral health affect your overall wellness? This is perhaps one of the most common questions people ask an expert about dental health. A quick answer to this question is a big "YES". You might not have fully realized it yet, but your oral health greatly affects your overall wellness and it is definitely more important than you think it is. Want a juicier, more lengthy, and more detailed answer? If so, I highly recommend you stick with me until the end of this post as I share some of the reasons why oral health is linked to overall wellness.

Oral health mirrors your general health

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the oral cavity is the window to the body. The condition of your oral cavity serves as one of the visible indicators of your general health. Even simple oral examinations like saliva swab tests and routine dental check-ups can reveal a lot about what is happening inside your body.

Chances are if you have a poor oral health you might also be suffering from a chronic disease or medical condition. On the flip side, if you have a healthy oral cavity, you might also have a good overall health.

Your oral health affects your speech

Overall wellness does not only mean having a healthy body from the inside. It also includes your emotional, social, mental or intellectual, spiritual, and physical wellness, among others. Needless to say, your ability to speak is part of your overall wellness.

Missing or crooked tooth can affect the way you speak. Even misshapen jaw due to tooth loss can interfere with your speech. It makes it difficult for you to pronounce words correctly. Painful tooth, mouth lesions, oral ulcerations, and other dental issues also make it painful and hard for you to speak well.

Wearing a beautiful smile

A healthy oral cavity makes you more attractive

A beautiful smile is the most precious and fashionable thing you can ever wear. No matter how you look like, simply having a healthy set of teeth and wearing a beautiful smile are enough to make you look more attractive and beautiful. Unfortunately, having a bad oral health can hinder you to wear such a lovely smile.

Chances are, you choose not to show your teeth and smile because you feel embarrassed about your missing, crooked, damaged, or diseased teeth or perhaps you are suffering from dental pain. We are also providing some tips on things you can do for a pain-free dental practice. Look here for more:

Your mouth may exhibit manifestations of underlying health complications

Having healthy teeth, mouth, and gums is a goal worth achieving and striving for. Based on the information released by the Academy of General Dentistry, over 90 percent of all systemic diseases display oral manifestations. This includes:

        -  Diabetes
        -  Kidney disease
        -  Pancreatic cancer
        -  Leukemia
        -  Oral cancer
        -  HIV/AIDS     
        -  Heart disease

Some of the common oral manifestations, signs, and symptoms of systemic diseases and other medical issues that are highly visible even without using magnification optical aids like dental loupes are:

        -  Mouth lesions
        -  Oral ulcerations
        -  Excessive gum problems
        -  Changes in the tongue like glossitis
        -  Gingival bleeding
        -  Dental erosions
        -  Halitosis or bad breath
        -  Swollen gums
        -  Dry mouth
        -  and other oral problems

Aside from the fact that neglecting good dental hygiene and oral health can cause a variety of dental related issues such as gum disease, tooth loss, tooth decay, and bad breath, it can likewise increase your risks to various respiratory issues and serious medical conditions like diabetes, stroke, HIV/AIDS and heart problems. Regular dentist visits and maintaining a good dental hygiene, on the other hand, can help ward off these chronic illnesses.


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