Dental Headlight: Importance Of Battery System And Comfort

Over the years, new innovations in dental headlight technology are being released by different manufacturers, leaving the dental equipment market swarming with various models and types of lighting products. Although there are a lot of factors that you need to consider when choosing a dental LED headlight, you should give importance to the two understated criteria which include the battery system, and comfort in identifying which product is the right one for them. 

Proper illumination is critical to every dental performance. Whether you are performing simple works like tooth extraction or routine check up, or you are carrying out a more complicated dental surgical procedure, it is important that your work area is properly illuminated. However, achieving the right amount, quality, and consistency of light is rather challenging.

Dental lights provide the right amount of lighting in the dental suites most specifically in the treatment site in order for dentists to attain optimal visualization of low-contrast and small objects such as the teeth.

Battery System

Dental LED headlights are powered by a portable light box which is typically plugged into an AC circuit. Like the surgical headlights, battery systems also come in various types. When deciding which battery system to choose, you would need to consider these two main aspects: the recharge time and the battery life. 

When it comes to the battery life, you have to consider the length of time you will usually use the LED headlights throughout the day. Most of the LED dental headlights are powered by either lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries. Although both types of battery are rechargeable, many dentists prefer lithium polymer batteries more than the lithium ion batteries. The reason being is that the lithium polymer battery has a less sensitive ‘charge memory’ which can enable you to use the battery for longer periods even if it is just half charged. Lithium ion battery needs to be recharged 100% each time because if you fail to do so, its battery life will likely be radically reduced.

For the recharge time, choose the one that allows you to use the dental headlights for an extended period without having to recharge the battery a few times each day.


You will be using the dental LED headlight a couple of times during your regular clinical day. That is why you must consider choosing the one that will still make you feel comfortable even when using it for extended periods of time. 

Dental headlights are available in varied weights. For utmost comfort, choose the one with the lightest weight. Wearing the headlight for a few minutes will seem to provide no significant effect on the level comfortability. However, if you will use it for longer periods of time, the weight can build up and can cause stress, pain, and discomfort on your neck and shoulder, which can greatly affect the quality of your performance.

Another thing that you should look into is if the headlight is balanced front to back, if it is adjustable, and if it is comfortable on your head.


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