Common reasons for the dental crisis in America

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           *     America is experiencing a widespread dental crisis despite being one of the richest countries in the world.

           *     Over 100 million people in America have never once visited a dentist or a dental hygienist for oral care.

           *     It usually takes around two years for the low-income family to have their children get dental procedures that require general anesthesia like cavity repair, tooth extractions, and root canals.

           *     More than 110 Americans don't have any dental coverage.

           *     It takes an average of two days for low-income Americans to line up for free dental clinic missions just to avail of a simple routine oral care.

           *     In 2017, America got more than 5,400 dental health professional shortage areas.

           *     The Department of Health and Human Services projects that there will be a national shortage of around 15,600 dentists in 2025.

Common reasons for the dental crisis in America

America has been known to be one of the richest countries in the world. However, despite this fact, there are still millions of Americans who suffer from oral health problems.

There are a lot of reasons why many people are suffering from various health problems. One is the lack of awareness of the importance of proper oral hygiene at home. The other reasons are poor nutrition and dentophobia or the fear of dentistry. The unavailability of dental clinics in remote areas is also among the reasons why many people have not once tried receiving professional dental care.

Of all these reasons, the most common is the cost of dental care services. Getting your oral problem fixed in America is quite expensive. Plus, not all have access to dental care coverage. Even with dental insurance coverage, people still have to get dental financing to finance their procedures.

Truly, there are now dental clinics that offer flexible payment plans and credit card options. However, these financing plans come with hefty interest rates which make it more difficult for the poor and low-income earners to cope with.

That is why, instead of paying for something that is worth almost half a month paycheck, people choose to endure the throbbing pain and use traditional ways to ease the pain. Others even do tooth extraction by themselves.

The shortage of dental professionals, on the other end, can be attributed to the cost of dentistry. The journey towards becoming a licensed dental professional is pretty expensive- from dentistry school tuition fee to dental equipment and instruments like the dental loupes and headlight and everything in between.



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