Schultz| Tweaks and tricks for a pain-free dental hygienists career

If you have been in dental practice for a few years, chances are, you already have felt a variety of pain associated with your work. There are many ways your body can get exhausted and strained at the end of each working day in dentistry. Wearing heavy loupes for hours, working with poor posture, prolonged sustained grip, vibration, using uncomfortable seats, and poor illumination are just among the few things that can cause you pain.

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The pain may come and go. It can even become chronic and serious if left unaddressed. Most of the dental hygienists who have been in practice for a few years already think that experiencing chronic pain is just normal in dentistry.

The truth is, you should not have experienced any aches or pain if only you have read this post earlier. But it is not yet too late to act and address the cause of the problem.

Simple tweaks and tricks for a pain-free dental hygienists career

With the simple tweaks and tricks we have listed below, you can be able to enjoy a pain-free dental practice and at the same time lower your risks to work-related injuries which can result in premature retirement.

                *    Get a comfy saddle style chair

                *    Upgrade your hygienist loupe

                *    Do exercise that’s specifically programmed for dental professionals

                *    Go visit a skilled electromyographer and have your hands and wrists checked for carpal tunnel syndrome

                *    Give a more reliable and efficient illumination device  like dental headlight a try

                *    Take frequent breaks, walk around, and stretch those stressed muscles a few times a day

                *    Position everything you need within easy reach

                *    Try different patient positioning techniques and check which one best works for you

                *    Get yourself a quality massage, listen to good music, or do yoga and other relaxation techniques

                *    Health is wealth- observe proper diet and healthy lifestyle

Try these tricks and tweaks and you will see a huge improvement in your career. Not only will these things help you get rid of various work-related pains and aches, they can likewise help improve the quality of both your career and your life in general.

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