Check out the top Schultz dental loupes

Dental loupes are an essential tool for people associated with dentistry. Specialized in design and manufacturing, loupes provide magnified and superior visualization to the health care clinicians.

Schultz Loupes is the leading seller of Loupes in USA and Canada. We provide an assortment of dental surgical loupes, headlights that are suitable for the requirement of the different dentists, hygienists and surgeons across the globe.

Check out our top dental loupes

Below are the TTL (Through the lens loupes). They are embedded with telescope lenses, which allow the dentists to see a bigger size of the area.

  • Expended Field TTL Dental Surgical Loupes Fusion 2.5X 
  1. - This is most popular among dentists and hygienists because of high quality and low price.
  2. - The loupe lenses are designed in a way to provide extra-large viewing fields which allows dentists to view a large size of area.
  3. - Loupes crafted by Schultz are super light in weight and comfortable to wear. This particular loupe weighs 0.8 oz.
  4. - Fusion 2.5x lenses provide 2.5 x- 3.5x magnification, allowing dentists to view minute details of the tooth.
  5. - Loupes enable high definition vision for dentists to operate smoothly.
  6. - There are multiple variants under this loupe category. You can avail the powerful magnification loupes up to 3.5x or go loupe + headlight combos

dental loupes

  • Super Light Micro Dental Surgical Loupes
  1. - It is one of the lightest loupes available in the market, making it easier for the wearer to function.
  2. - This loupe is 50% smaller and light in weight compared to other standard loupe.
  3. - Lens of Super Micro Loupes gives extended crystal clear vision with a field of depth approx 8 inches.
  4. - Optical lenses are made up of superior quality, providing a high definition vision to the wearer.
  5. - This compact size of loupe provides standard viewing field.
  6. - After placing the order, it takes about 1-2 weeks in producing this model.
  7. - You can avail the higher magnification up to 3.0x in this loupe category.
  • High Power Prismatic Dental Surgical Loupes
  1. - High Power Prismatic loupe is highly recommended for the dentists and surgeons because of its ultra high definition optics.
  2. - The lenses deliver a high magnification of 4.0 x – 5.5x, enabling dentists to diagnose and treat patients without straining on their eyes.
  3. - They are compact and weigh around 1.9 oz, which makes them super light
  4. - Loupes provide 25% larger viewing fields which cover wide area of vision
  5. - This product is under lifetime warranty by Schultz
  6. - You can avail super magnified loupes up to 5.5X or go for loupes+ headlight combo with the same magnification.

Flip-up dental surgical loupes are lightest in weight. The magnification lenses can be moved up and out when a dentist just needs safety glasses.

  • Dental Loupes Galilean Flip-up
  1. - Medical Grade optics allows crystal clear vision to the dentists and clinicians
  2. - The loupes can be declined to 90 degrees that enables the dentist to operate without straining their neck and eyes.
  3. - The loupes are certified by the American National Standards Institute, which marks the quality and durability of the product.
  4. - The prescription lenses can be inserted in loupes to provide comfort to health care practitioners with myopia.
  5. - The dental flip-up loupes are available in four magnification glasses, ranging from 2.0 x, 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x.
  • Dental Surgical Loupe fusion flip-up
  1. - This flip-up loupe is fully customizable, plus they come in sporty and titanium frames.
  2. - Telescope lenses embedded in flip-up loupes are fully adjustable.
  3. - Pair of flip-up loupe weighs around 1.35 oz, making it super comfy to wear
  4. - The HD optics of flip-up loupes improves the performance of clinicians at work.
  5. - Fusion flip-up loupes can be adjusted at 90-degree declination.
  6. - Schultz loupes are under lifetime warranty
  7. - The Fusion flip-up loupes come with three magnification glasses, ranging from 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x

surgical dental loupes

  • Surgical Loupes Sports Flip-up

Sport flip-up loupes are a trendsetter. It has a sleek and defined look which makes it attractive, and the powerful magnification offers multiplied vision to the wearer. This model is prevalent among experienced dentists and for positive outcomes. 

  1. - Loupes are made of polycarbonate which is highly durable and impact resistant
  2. - Loupes are ANSI certified
  3. - Surgical sports loupes are available in various magnifications, ranging from 3.0x, 4.0x, 5.0x and 6.0x
  4. - Lifetime quality warranty
  •  Expanded Field Dental Surgical TTL loupes and Headlight 3.5x
  1. - New Fusion TTL loupes are innovative loupes from Schultz’s lab. It is light in weight, sleek, trendy in design and has a larger field of view 3.5 power magnification.
  2. - It comes with butterfly wireless headlights that allow sufficient light to dentists while treating patients.
  3. - Lifetime quality warranty.


We are the leading manufacturers of Loupes for dentists, hygienists, surgeons and students in the US and Canada. Our core objective is to upgrade by healthcare sector by providing best dental Loupes and surgical loupes. By investing in the right pair of loupes, you will not only avail the finest magnification, but you will witness the improved ergonomics.

Go, get your pair now!


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